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Before he left the White House, Trump gave almost all of the 6 Jan. attackers a blanket pardon, according to a new report.


Before leaving the White House, he gave all of his January 6 attackers a blanket amnesty :-

Before leaving office later that month, former President Donald Trump came close to issuing a blanket pardon for the Capitol attacks on January 6.

According to two people directly familiar, in the weeks before he left the White House, Trump contacted the chancellor at least three times for his advice on the idea.

"Do you think I should pardon them? Do you think it's a good idea? Do you think I have the power to do this? "Trump told the Chancellor.

In a separate phone to an aide, Trump asked how he would charge the attackers and what he could do to protect them by issuing a blanket pardon.

An obvious question: Does everyone entering the Capitol have a Trump board? That was Trump's question. He wanted to know who could be pardoned.

He said: Some think I should pardon them. He thought that if he could do that, these people would never have to testify or be isolated.

The issue came up again this week after Trump told a crowd in Texas on Saturday that if he were re - elected in 2024, he "may" pardon the rebels. According to at least one lawyer for the 6 January attackers, the former President puts his finger on the balance of justice. There's less incentive to help prosecutors in the event of a promise of pardon.

Trump's statements with members :-

  • Trump's comments on Saturday, according to members of the House Selection Committee on the Capitol attack, were an example of "witness tampering."

  • During his last rally in Texas, Trump stated that if he was elected president in 2024, former President Donald Trump said Saturday night that if he was elected, he would pardon the hooligans charged with the January 6 rebellion at the Capitol.

  • Trump, who alluded to but did not confirm his candidacy for president, has often condemned the punishment of those who stormed the Capitol building in a fierce protest over Joe Biden's election as president. But his remarks at a rally in Texas on Saturday marked the first time he put forward the idea of a pardon as part of a larger effort to curb the horrific events on January 6.

Hooligans want Trump's pardon :-

  • Some hooligans hoped to get a pardon from Trump before he left office after 14 days, but none were granted.

  • He said towards the end of a protracted election march in Conroy, a city 40 miles north of Houston: "If I run and win, we will treat these people fairly as of January 6." "We will treat them fairly, and if it takes a pardon, we will grant them a pardon because they are treated unfairly."

  • The authorities said that more than 700 people had been arrested and charged with involvement in the insurgency. The Justice Department accused Stuart Rhodes, the founder of the far - right group Oath Keepers, and 10 other members or associates, of an inflammatory conspiracy earlier this month, the most serious charges that have been imposed as part of the Ministry's investigation.

Trump's objection to the Election Commission :-

Trump continued to promote unfounded assurances that the 2020 election was rigged and stolen from him, criticizing the House committee investigating the January 6 incident.

He said, "This hasn't happened in any of the other recent atrocities." This has never happened before. What that "non - select" committee does and what people do and run those prisons, it's a disgrace. "