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Mbappe snatches the spotlight of the champions, America is great .. and Messi continues to slow down

 Mbappé is imposing himself as the star of Saint-Germain and Real Madrid signatories :-

With French attacker Kylian Mbappé and Argentinian Lionel Messi's disappointment and Brazilian Neymar's healing mascot, Paris Saint-Germain still has to find the charming combination of the trio in his bid to win the UEFA Champions League title.

The Parisian capital club's victory over Spanish Real Madrid with an unanswered goal in going for the final Tuesday, gave the men of Argentine coach Mauricio Pochettino calm and rest to prepare for the return match next March 9.

The killer Mbappé target fever swept through social media, while global newspapers were unanimous in the superiority of the French star. "How good is Mbappe!"

Mbappe goals :-

The 2018 Russian Mondial champion, after a singles effort, scored the winning goal in the fourth minute of calculated time instead of the second leg, equalling his team's impressive team performance, surpassing three defenders by one step, before fooling Belgian guard Tebow Kortua on a charming evening.

No Real Madrid player was able to keep up with Mbappé, while the Spanish capital club's crowds in the bleachers of the Park de Prince stadium chanted in his name repeatedly before the game kicked off.

Messi's match before Real Madrid reflects a picture that in the first six months in the French capital, he has been confused by injuries, the Corona virus and the misfortune that is being pursued, as he has been capped 7 times in the French league this season.

Messi goals :-

  • As for the Argentine star, Lionel Messi, after glowing in the 5-1 victory over Lille in the French League 10 days before the Euro, the Argentine returned to stand in the shadow for Real Madrid.

  • Messi wasted a penalty kick in the 62nd minute by guard Cortua, which could cost his team especially with the adoption of the Elimination of Goal Advantage Act outside the home.

  • While passing, the 34-year-old and his 125 goals in the Champions League, 75 balls made him the third most mobile Parisian player, but without gaining a decisive status.

  • Messi's match before Real Madrid reflects a picture that in the first six months in the French capital, he has been confused by injuries, the Corona virus and the misfortune that is being pursued, as he has been capped 7 times in the French league this season.

Mbappe and the difficult task :-

  • A difficult task for French Paris Saint-Germain attacker Kylian Mbappé, when he faces Spanish Real Madrid in the 16th round of the UEFA Champions League, as the 23-year-old's move to the Royals became a matter of time.

  • In recent months, Mbappé has made it clear through media statements that he wishes to move to Real Madrid, noting that renewal negotiations with Paris Saint-Germain have reached a "dead end."

  • At the beginning of the season, French club Mbappé's crowds were attacked with whistles of disdain, perhaps repeated if the Frenchman did not offer his best in front of his "future team."

  • Mbappé needs to be on his best day in front of Real Madrid, otherwise the public might consider him a "traitor" to his team and try to help the Royals stay in the UEFA Champions League.

  • Mbappé reportedly moved to the Parisian team in 2017 from Monaco, France, and since then he has participated in 202 matches in all competitions, during which he scored 153 goals and made 77 appearances for his colleagues.

World Newspapers :-

The Spanish newspaper Marca has spoken of the reasons why Mbappé wants to move to Real Madrid, chief among them the player's assertion on more than one occasion that playing in his ranks is a "dream" since childhood.

As for British network The Athletic, Mbappé's participation in the Real Madrid meeting was described as "the Frenchman will be on a date with his dream team."

The British website reported that Mbappé had rejected two offers to renew his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, and that the player's free departure was expected next summer, noting his remarkable level this season, contributing 37 goals over 31 meetings.

With the January transfers coming to an end, a number of global sites, mainly Gol, have published cartoons of Mbappé wearing a Real Madrid shirt, indicating that the player will go free to the Spanish club, and that he can negotiate with the Royal, in recent months with his current contract with Paris Saint - Germain, according to Viva rules.

Shine Waiting :-

According to sports critic Mohamed Cadet, he expects Mbappé to "shine in front of Real Madrid, so that Paris Saint-Germain's audience will not attack him again, during his remaining days inside the French club."

Zinedine Zidane :-

He points out that Paris San Germain's Argentine coach Mauricio Pochettino "knows very well that he is threatened with losing his position in the event of a failure to Real Madrid, especially as there is news about the French club's management seeking to hire Zinedine Zidane, the former Real Madrid coach, in the hope of a dream of a Champions League title."

He continues: "Supporting the team with stars such as Lionel Messi, Serjeo Ramos and Janluigi Donnarumma should increase their chances of receiving a continental title, but Argentina's task is somewhat complicated, as so far he has not been able to find a playing system to suit his star-studded team, which can be described as the" excess quality crisis. "

Mbappe's future :-

  • "Pochettino will seek the best technical level from Mbappé, taking advantage of his desire to respond to persistent accusations in recent days that he might fail in front of his future club, Real Madrid."

  • In recent seasons, Mbappé's name has been associated with Real Madrid on more than one occasion, but the Royal Administration has officially moved to obtain the services of the player during the last summer Mercato, and has made a record offer to Paris Saint-Germain, worth 160 million euros, according to French newspaper L'Équipe.

  • The Paris Saint-Germain administration official then spoke of the club's refusal to leave the player, and he continued until the end of his contract with the French club.

  • While Real Madrid president Florentino Perez called the Parisian club's response to Mbappé's offer of services "inappropriate."

  • Subsequently, Mbappé broke his media silence and confirmed that he would not continue with Paris Saint-Germain, noting that he would have liked his current club to receive a proper material fee for his departure. However, the recent handling of the Parisian club's management, and the lack of a satisfactory solution for all parties, confirm his departure free of charge next summer.