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The First Lady and the Cat Willow

 Willow is a two-year-old grey and white cat from Pennsylvania who caught the attention of First Lady Jill Biden during her campaign :-

Michael LaRosa, spokesman for the First Lady, said: "Willow settles in the White House with her favorite toys, candy, and great room to sniff and explore."

Jill promised US President Biden to bring him a cat to the White House after her husband's success in the presidential election in November 2020, but no indications of the cat's arrival were presented last month, and then the White House announced that the cat would arrive in January.

Willow is named after Willow Grove, home of the First Lady of Pennsylvania :-

  • Jill Biden was surprised when the short - haired girl jumped on stage and interrupted her words during her 2020 campaign break in Pennsylvania, according to LaRosa.

  • ""The owner is aware that Willow is accompanied by a team to Dr. Biden when he sees the direct relationship," he added. He delivered the cat to First Lady Michelle Obama, who then went out of the White House until it was time to transfer it with its litter box.

  • Since India died, President George W. Bush has never been to the White House in January 2009, shortly before his term ended, the White House has been without a cat population. President Bill Clinton used to keep his cat, socks, in the White House.

Stacey Cordery, a professor of history and leadership at Dickinson State University :-

 said that getting a pet is always a fun time for any family and that owning a dog or cat can help make Bidens public at a time when the president is facing political difficulties.

Cordere said about the Biden family: "I think part of their goal is to make the White House feel more friendly."

They've had cats in the past, but not since Daisy, their beloved cat died.

Willow joins the Commander, a German shepherd puppy that Joe Biden received as a birthday present from his brother James Biden and his wife Sarah in December.

Willow the cat :-

Jane Psaki, the White House press secretary, noted that Willow will appear in one of her regular briefings.

"She has a standing invitation. I tweeted Saki, adding # COTUS - which means "Cat of the United States."

Before the Commander, Biden had two other German sponsors, the hero and the Major, in the White House.

dog major :-

However, Major, a 3-year-old rescue dog, began acting violently shortly after his arrival in January 2021, including two stings. Major was returned to Biden's home in Delaware for training after the White House indicated that he was still adapting to his new environment.

According to Aruza

Biden chose to follow the group advice of specialists and send Major to live with family friends in a quieter environment after consulting with dog trainers, animal behaviorists and veterinarians.

The dog Champ, loyal to the White House and to President Biden, died in June at the age of 13.

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