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Reports indicate that Trump's popularity is eroding at a faster pace than ever before.

Popularity is eroding faster :-

 Rawstory reported that during a discussion session on "Inside Politics" on CNN on Sunday morning, an old political commentator said recent polling numbers should worry former President Donald Trump.

CNN analyst Jeff Zeleny told host Caitlan Collins that Trump's weaknesses are becoming clearer as he thinks about running for president again in 2024.

Poll result :-

  • And the poll reveals extremely important that in March 2018, most Republicans considered the most trusting understanding with Trump, and suddenly there was less trust between them.
  • That doesn't happen in a vacuum. As I travel all over the country and talk to Republicans, voters and other ordinary people, there's not, even among Trump supporters, much consensus about wanting him back. "

The expectation is that the worst is possible :-

  • You probably think it's gonna be more dangerous than that, and at the moment what it's gonna be like."" said Collins. Part of it stated that 58 percent of Republicans without a college diploma believed Trump would improve their chances. But when you ask college graduates, only 34 percent think they'd be better off with Trump as leader. "

  • That's not surprising, Zeleny said, "because it reflects his early support." "In some respects, this can be equated with the establishment of the Republican Party outside the foreign establishment. So, I think it's a challenge for someone like Chris Christie, and maybe Chris Christie himself, to face Donald Trump face to face. "Until today, no one understood anything.

  • "We're watching a thin dance here," he explained, "and everyone is expecting him to disappear." The former President continues to mock the idea that he will make an announcement soon - which I doubt he will.. Maybe next season he'll be able to get that out. However, this is not necessarily good news for Donald Trump, especially given the decreasing figure.

  • CNN reports that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and his leadership team are working quietly to support some Republican incumbents targeted by Trump, putting the California Republican in the right as he seeks to reclaim the majority.

  • Deputies David Valadao of California, Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington State, John Catko of New York, and Fred Greenabton and Peter Meagher, both of Michigan, are members of a joint fundraising committee with McCarthy and his PAC leadership, which has raised nearly $100,000. For each of the five camps.

The 2022 House replay did not raise funds for Representatives Liz Cheney of Wyoming, Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, Anthony Gonzales of Ohio, Dan Newhouse of Washington state, and Tom Rice of South Carolina, according to the Federal Election Commission's most recent filing. However, McCarthy's leadership group, the Majority Committee of the Commission for Peace and Development, donated $ 10000 to Gonzalez's campaign in late March.

While the National Republican Congressional Committee benefits from the Joint Fundraising Committee, the Republican campaign arm in the House of Representatives has long maintained official neutrality in primaries.

However, the Commission provides other resources to current incumbents, and Chairman Tom was a special guest at a Herrera Buttler fundraising campaign last month in Washington State, according to a source familiar with the event.

McCarthy and those close to him specifically urged Trump and his advisers to remain neutral in the primaries for Katko and Valladao, who are among the most vulnerable Republicans, but it is unclear what the former Mercury president will do, according to a source familiar with the situation.

The Republican leadership's efforts to help these beleaguered Republicans campaign at odds with Trump have angered some conservatives.

After publicly revealing details about McCarthy and Trump's phone call on January 6, Herrera Buttler was called as a witness in the Senate trial.

When asked if he would support McCarthy for Speaker if he was elected to Congress, Kent said, "Absolutely not."

His remarks highlight the types of issues McCarthy deals with. Trump's interference in Republican primaries, particularly in key swing districts, threatens to complicate the Republican Party's path back to majority status. The California Republican is stuck between the right - wing pro - Trump who needs to become speaker one day and the Republican incumbents he has pledged to protect.

Some current legislators, such as Herrera Beutler and Upton, are important to regain control of the House of Representatives, while others, such as Valadao and Katko, have long been McCarthy's allies.

According to a source familiar with the situation, Upton, who represents a swing area, has not decided whether to run for the 1999 term. Republicans are concerned that Upton's primary Trump - backed opponent, State Sen. Steve Cara, will jeopardize the seat if he wins the nomination.

Kara wrote in an email to CNN. Most Republicans in Washington, D.C., are RINO who are not interested in placing America first. "Kevin McCarthy must make a decision. He can continue to support anti-Trump Fred Upton who voted to isolate President Donald J. Trump or he can join America First and support Steve Cara, who now enjoys the full and comprehensive support of President Tram.