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Sean Penn, an actor, is in Ukraine filming a documentary on the Russian invasion.


Weiss Studios confirmed Thursday that while Russia launched a massive attack on its neighbor, actor Sean Penn is on the ground in Ukraine to film a documentary about the Russian invasion :-

On Thursday, the long - time Oscar laureate and humanitarian worker attended a press conference hosted by the Ukrainian government in Kiev, where he heard government officials talk about the disaster, which many international leaders describe as the worst conflict in Europe since 1945.

Ben arrived in Kiev earlier this week, according to Newsweek, and met with Deputy Prime Minister Irina Verechuk, as well as local and military journalists.

The Ukrainian Embassy issued a statement praising the representative and director, saying that he had "come specifically to Kiev to record all the events currently taking place in Ukraine and to reveal the truth about Russia's invasion of our country to the rest of the world."

  • "Sean Ben is one of Ukraine's most outspoken supporters in the country right now," the translated statement says. Our mother country belongs to it with frankness and clarity

  • Ben shows the courage that many others, especially some Western politicians, lacked. The statement added that the more such persons - true friends of Ukraine, who support the struggle for freedom - the sooner we will stop this heinous invasion by Russia.

  • Ben's not the first person to find himself in the middle of a dilemma. In the aftermath of the tragic earthquakes in Haiti in 2010, the 61-year-old actor directed the documentary film Disgraced Plus 2020 Citizen Penn, which narrates the formation of an organized, non-profit community relief effort, or Core. During the epidemic, Core also helped deploy teams to test Covid- 19 and immunization.

Ben's secret trip with Sinaloan gang leader Joacón "El Chapo" Guzmán, who escaped from prison in 2015, contributed to his arrest by Mexican authorities in January 2016.

Ben later expressed his "sad remorse" that his interview and 10000-word article had not succeeded in influencing the drug war controversy, and that's why he did it.

When Ben previously visited the eastern regions of Ukraine, he met Ukrainian servicemen for his documentary film Donbass, which is being produced in collaboration with Vice Studios. In November, he was caught filming with his crew while wearing combat clothes.

Over the past few years, the two-time Oscar winner has been active in a number of anti-war and humanitarian movements. In the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti disaster, he founded an organized community relief effort or CORE. Citizen Penn, a documentary about Discovery + about its activities on the shattered island, was released in 2020.