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A Ukrainian ambassador urged Putin to 'kill himself' like Hitler during a UN speech.

 Ukraine's United Nations envoy urged Vladimir Putin to carry out his alleged wish to die by killing himself :-

On Monday, Sergey Kislitsia made stunning statements at an emergency private meeting to examine Putin's decision to put Russian nuclear deterrence forces on notice, which the Ukrainian Ambassador compared to Adolf Hitler's frenzied last hours, when the allies surrounded Berlin at the conclusion of World War II.

  • "What a craziness," Kyslytsya said. There's no need to utilise the nuclear weapons if Putin wants to commit suicide. He must do what the guy did in a cellar in Berlin in May 1945.

  • Only Russia voted against the emergency meeting of the General Assembly, and the Security Council approved it by 11 votes to 3, with 3 abstentions.

  • Donald Trump has repeatedly shared his views on Putin, with whom many have claimed he had "friendship" during his presidency.

On Saturday, Trump lauded Russian President Vladimir Putin again, calling him "brilliant :-

However, Trump argued that the real issue was that NATO and other foreign leaders were "stupid" during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando.

Trump added, "Journalists asked me yesterday if I thought President Putin was bright." "Of course, he's brilliant," I responded, and was greeted with, "Oh, that's a terrible thing to say." "Yeah, he's smart. NATO countries and the world, while looking at what's happening strategically without any repercussions or threats at all, are not very smart, they seem to be the opposite of intelligence. They gave Russia a punishment for the occupation of Ukraine Is there a penalty? "Well, that's a really flimsy claim."

"Will they punish me?" Putin asks. They've been bothering me for the past 25 years. "You mean they'll punish me if I take control of an entire country? What you're saying is that they won't mentally destroy us. The issue is not so much that Putin is brilliant, though he is, but more that our politicians are so foolish and stupid."

President Joe Biden, Thursday, announced tough new sanctions against Russia, aimed at punishing the country for its massive invasion of Ukraine, and criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin for his aggression. Biden did admit, though, that the additional penalties will take time to affect Putin's behaviour :-

Putin is the assailant. Putin chose this war. Biden said: "Now he and his country will bear the consequences," he said, referring to a series of actions that "will impose a huge cost on the Russian economy, immediately and over time."

The latest sanctions include a ban on the export of technology, a key element of Biden's strategy, which he claims will severely impede Russia's ability to develop its military and space industries. Russian banks, "corrupt millionaires" and their families with links to the Kremlin have also been punished.

Biden repeated that his threat to blame Putin directly remains "on the table" and "not a hoax," but did not answer the question as to why he has not done so yet.