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The Ukrainian President: The failure of negotiations with Russia will lead to a third world war.

The Ukrainian President: The failure of negotiations with Russia will lead to a third world war.

Failure to negotiate with Russia will lead to a third world war :

The Russian forces have brought about the extermination of Ukrainians, but we have to take any opportunity to negotiate, and the Ukrainian President has confirmed the willingness to hold talks with President Vladmir Putin and said he's been ready for it for two years.

The city of Mariupol is a thorny key point in the talks because it is part of the territory claimed by Moscow - backed separatists.

The settlement may include symbolic concessions by Ukraine (Kiev) on what Moscow called desegregation of Nazism and changes of certain areas or street names confusing Ukraine that fought alongside the German Nazis.

  • Russia may waive the requirement to impose Russian as a second official language in Ukraine in exchange for the repeal of laws limiting its use.
  • Russian President Vladmir Putin refuses to hold negotiations because the negotiations do not yield the fruits he himself demands.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to resurrect the Soviet Union's glory days. He can't, because time's not the same.

Can President Putin recover the glories of the Soviet Union?

Of course not, because there are laws that govern the world under the leadership of the United Nations Security Council. Which in the cycle of imposing sanctions on Russia has caused some economic paralysis. Sanctions do not affect Russia properly, because if we look around the world, Russia has strong alliances with China's countries.North Korea, Belarus, Eritrea, Iran and others, as well as Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia.

For Russia, all these countries have a powerful outlet that does not cause much evil if America or the Security Council impose sanctions on them.

Let's see the reality now:

After the United States imposed sanctions on the Russian bear, and frozen some of Russia's business assets within the United States, Russia went to its sister state China to support Russia economically, and indeed China agreed to strengthen Russia's union with it economically. This economic support from the state of China makes it easier for Russia to get through the U.S. sanctions safely.

Russia alliances some countries :

  1. China always stands by Russia
  2. As the North Korean leader told Putin, I'm ready to fight with you, Putin, if necessary.
  3. There is an Iran that has always stood firmly by Russia and held military exercises and imported domestic goods from it. Iran can fight a battle with Russia if Putin asks it to do so.

Ukraine's president under the line of fire :

  • The Ukrainian president is now in a major predicament because he has been targeted by the fire of Russian forces surrounding the Ukrainian capital Kiev and hopes that negotiations will move forward to stop the Russian aggression against the country.
  • The capital Kiev is constantly being bombed by various weapons and rockets from time to time.
  • The United States asked the Ukrainian president to leave a country and go to Europe or take refuge in America. He categorically refused and said I would fight for my country.

Does Russia's war on Ukraine lead to a nuclear war ?

The answer is quite unlikely: because States and all the world's Presidents truly know that the use of nuclear weapons kills 20 million hours after a nuclear strike. They know what it means to annihilate humanity in such a way that it immediately loses their lives.