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Real Madrid star attacks Spanish press after being accused of "parasite"

Real Madrid star attacks Spanish press after being accused of "parasite"

Gareth Bale, the Real Madrid wing, made a strong attack on Spanish newspaper Marca, calling the media's handling of it disturbing.

The Spanish newspaper described Bell as a "parasite" last week, and he was accused of sucking up Real Madrid money throughout his time with the club.

This comes despite Bell helping the team win 14 titles including four UEFA Champions League titles in 9 years.

He was also accused of escaping El Clasico in front of Barcelona last Sunday on an injury claim, as he immediately joined the Welsh camp after the match, leading his country to win over Austria by scoring two superb goals in a showdown that ended in his team's 2-1 European qualifier for Mondial Qatar 2022.

Bill's tweet on " Twitter "

  • In an official statement via his Twitter account, Bell wrote, "At a time when some people are committing suicide because of the cruelty of the media, I want to know who is holding these journalists and news outlets accountable for the articles that are being published?"

  • Fortunately, and based on my experience," he continued, "I now have thick skin and know how to deal with these things during my time in the spotlight," but "that does not mean that these articles do not harm people who see such vile and disturbing stories come to light." and I have also seen the losses that the media can inflict on people's mental and physical health.

  • The media predict extraordinary levels of professional athletes, who are the first to celebrate with them in happy times," he continued, "but when things go wrong, they don't show sympathy for human error, instead tearing them apart and encouraging frustration and anger among their fans.

Bell stamped : The daily pressure on athletes is enormous, and it's very clear how the media can negatively affect any athlete and make him a nervous person on the brink of losing his mind to everyone.

The 32-year-old Welsh attacker ends his contract with Real Madrid next June.

Gareth Bale's brilliance with Welsh national team blows off the fury of Real Madrid fans :

Welsh Gareth Bale, Spain's Real Madrid team wing, has sparked outrage among his club's public after sharing and sparkling with his country in front of Austria yesterday Thursday in the European annex of Mondial Qatar.

Bell sparkled strikingly and scored the two goals for the Welsh side, who settled the match by 2-1, and qualified to compete to snatch the Mondale on the European Annex's first track with the winner of the Scottish-Ukrainian standoff, which was postponed until next June.

The Spanish newspaper "S" reported that Bell's participation and brilliance with his country's selection and his entire 90 - minute match yesterday angered the Real Madrid crowd after the player evaded participation in the former Clásico meeting in front of Barcelona, during which the royal team suffered a humiliating loss on its ground with a clean quadruple.

In yesterday's match, Bell showed up to the prodigal level of his recent meringue shirt, in which he presented Austria with a technically and physically excellent match to raise doubts about his escape from El Clasico after reporting to his club that he was suffering some pain in the back, but the injury disappeared completely once he joined the Welsh camp.

According to the Spanish newspaper, the Real Madrid crowd called on the club's management to remove Bell from the team and not give him the opportunity to represent the royal team until the end of his contract.

In return, Bill said after the game, during statements by the Spanish newspaper "Mundo Deportivo": "This is not a message to anyone, and we ask it a waste of time."

On his criticisms, Bell asserted that it was "disgusting," and that anyone who spoke badly of it should be "ashamed of themselves."