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U.S. Congressman Fortenberry was found guilty of misleading the FBI; Kevin McCarthy appeals to him to resign

Kevin McCarthy appeals to U.S. Congressman Fortenberry to resign after he was found guilty of lying to the FBI :-

Jeff Fortenberry, a Republican congressman from Nebraska who has served since 2005, was accused of lying to and deliberately misleading federal investigators in two interviews in 2019.

At the time, Fortenberry was questioned about the $30,000 he received as a contribution to his campaign from Gilbert Chaguri, a Nigerian billionaire, in 2016. Under federal law, foreigners are prohibited from donating to federal campaign.

In his defense, Fortenberry's lawyers argued that he did not deliberately mislead FBI agents, and instead he was simply not ready and walked out of their request for an interview.

fundraising theme :

  • His lawyers also argued that Fortenberry, as an older man, had a flawed and undisturbed memory, as happens naturally with age.
  • In return, prosecutors claimed that a colleague who hosted a fundraising campaign for Fortenberry and his campaign in 2016 told him in 2018 by telephone that the donations "may have come from Gilbert Chaguri," but were supposed to be directed through intermediaries to hack their way through individuals. Donor limits.
  • According to the U.S. Department of Justice, when FBI members asked Fortenberry about donations to his campaign, he told them that he was not aware of any illegal contributions.
  • However, on Thursday, a U.S.Jeff Fortenberry was found guilty of lying to FBI agents about the unlawful donations by a jury.

Results of the Court's judgment :

  1. After a trial in federal court in Los Angeles, jury members came to the conclusion that Fortenberry was guilty of planning to falsify and cover up material facts. The jury also found Fortenberry guilty of two other counts of making false statements to federal investigators.
  2. Speaking to the media outside the courtroom after the verdict was announced, Assistant U.S. Attorney Mac Jenkins said: If we want to expect anyone to follow the law, it eventually starts with legislators .
  3. He added: I think that's more important when the investigation itself goes to the integrity of the election.
  4. Fortenberry was found guilty on three criminal charges, each with a maximum prison sentence of five years. The sentencing hearing is scheduled for June 28 before United States District Court Judge Stanley Blumenfeld in Los Angeles.

The day after Fortenberry's conviction, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy called for the resignation of the congressman.

He also stated that he planned to meet and speak not only with Fortenberry himself, but with other Nebraska legislators, on Friday before saying that if Fortenberry was seeking to appeal his conviction, he would have to do so as a private citizen.

McCarthy wasn't the only one who came out and demanded Fortenberry's resignation.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi also shared this sentiment, saying in a statement on Friday that Fortenberry's conviction "constitutes a breach of public confidence and confidence in his ability to serve."