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How to Get Rid of a Creativity Block and Come Up with New Ideas

 How to get rid of the block of creativity and come up with new ideas

People who work in creative fields like music, poetry, dance, advertising, research, and so on. are likely to be influenced by creative blocks. The mass of creativity is not only frustrating but also anyone's worst enemy. There are different kinds of obstacles to creativity that eliminate human creative thinking. Different people have different reasons to experience creative mass. We mentioned here some of the major creative blocks that many people face, and we also gave creative advice through which you can easily defeat your creative mass.

The blockage of mental creativity - The mass of mental creativity is a major challenge, falling into the trap of your thinking. Because of the obstruction of mental creativity, you make many assumptions and think only of limited views. You can overcome this obstacle by adopting different perspectives. You should read/listen/watch creative things to encourage you to think creatively.

The blockage of emotional creativity : -

  •  many people don't share their thoughts because they think others will make fun of it.

  •  Stress can be one of the causes of the creative mass.

  •  In general, a lot of people drop a great idea because they don't want others to criticize them.

  •  Fear of criticism reduces your level of self - confidence. The solution is to be prepared for criticism. 

  • A person must be prepared to face the worst situations.

  •  To defeat the mass of creativity, you have to resist fear, pain and other negative feelings. Once you've overcome this mass of creativity, you'll discover your true creative potential.

Personal problems :-

 creative thinking requires focus and focus. Many people don't focus on creative ideas because they're surrounded by different personal problems such as bad addiction, complaining about someone, family disputes, lack of courage, etc. You can defeat this creative block by getting a specialist consult. When you're surrounded by any personal problems, you have to find ways to solve the problem rather than worry about it. Give your mind enough room to process creative ideas. If the problem can't be solved, don't let the problem control yourself.

Some other contributing factors to the creative mass are poor working environments, excessive work pressure, lack of inspiration, etc. I've understood the main obstacles to creativity so far, and now we're taking you to some easy steps, and by following these steps, you can improve your abilities. Creative potential. But first, let's define the difference between a good idea and a fantastic idea.

  • Not every good idea can be a great idea, yet every great idea is a good idea. 

  • There's a big difference between a good idea and a great idea. Good ideas help us solve everyday problems. On the other hand, the wonderful idea comes up less frequently and requires deep research to carry it out. 

  • Sometimes, unexpectedly, we get the wonderful idea that can give us universal recognition, yet most of us give up the idea and don't give it proper attention. That's why we're missing a great opportunity that could be useful to us. And then, whenever we get a great idea, we shouldn't take it for granted.

No one can think like you. And then, no one can steal your thoughts. Chances won't come to us. One must create one's own opportunities. Only you can refine your creativity to illuminate the world. Success is not a big deal. It's just a question of identifying creative potential. Then you'll be done.

Follow these simple steps and devise wonderful innovative ideas :-

1- Write on paper - you should write your idea on paper and write any ideas that come to your mind about your idea. 

2- The first time, when you see your idea on paper, you'll also notice that there are many missing points of contact. 

3-  However, the first time you don't give much focus to making connections. Put this paper in a place where you can see it most of the time throughout the day.

Research - research helps you get new views :-

This move helps explore missing connections. In this move, you have to work on the idea. Through this, you may also get other alternative creative ideas. In the research phase, you collect all the information like the benefits, costs and disadvantages of every idea.

Analysis - 

This is the step where people suffer so much because a person has to analyse every situation where the idea might fail. This step necessitates introspection and self-criticism. The idea that has many benefits must be chosen. You can consult colleagues and experts because their suggestions help you choose the best creative idea.

Implementation. This is the last phase where you turn your creative idea into reality.

You can defeat the creative mass and improve the generation of creative ideas by taking inspiration from the creative trainer.

Dr. Irvinder Singh introduced a creative training program called  Hits to unleash people's creative potential. In creative training, mental creativity is promoted by various creative tools. Dr. Singh also measures the level of creativity of people through the internationally adopted measure of creativity.