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An American politician accuses the US government of "dictatorship" and "manipulating people"

 Former Congressman Tulsi Gabbard stressed that the US government's proposal to establish an anti-misinformation body was in line with the dictatorship.

Gabbard told Fox News that the White House had decided to set up such a body to manipulate people.

The American politician noted that "this can be observed under dictatorship, and the reason is that they are afraid of us is afraid of people."

She said: "The Authority will be financed from the budget, any tax revenues and at the same time join in propaganda and censorship."

"They are just formalizing the process, making it official."

She stressed that the United States authorities had revealed their intentions, and Americans had an opportunity to justifiably reject that decision.

News of the US Department of Homeland Security's intention to set up a council to counter media misinformation was shared by the media.