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Ronaldo achieves several numbers with the jaw of Chelsea's "code" and beats Salah and others

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 Ronaldo achieves several numbers with

the jaw of Chelsea's "code" and beats Salah and others

Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal made several breakthrough figures with a goal against Chelsea (1-1) during their meeting on Thursday, in the Premier League's 37th round.

  • The "Squaka Statistics Network" revealed that Ronaldo, with his goal against Chelsea at Old Trafford, had scored against every Premier League team he played against 4 or more games.
  • The network added that Ronaldo is one of Manchester United's last 5 goals in various competitions.
  • For its part, BBC reported that the Portuguese star managed to find Chelsea's net, after failing to score with 11 games played in front of him in the Premier League "Premier League."

While Sky Sports confirmed that Ronaldo's "Madeira rocket"

is more than a scorer against the five leading teams in the league table, with 8 goals, followed by Egyptian Mohamed Salah, Senegal's Sadio Mane and Portuguese trio Diogo Jota, and Crystal Palace forward Odsonne Edouard, with 4 each.

Man Utd sing Ronaldo's impressive goal

The official Manchester United Twitter account posted a video of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo's goal in the Chelsea guest net, in round 37 of the Premier League football.

Ronaldo scored the Red Devils' equaliser against Chelsea (1-1) with a superb strike at the 62nd minute of their match yesterday night at Old Trafford.

The official account of Manchester United also posted another video of its Portuguese star, "Madeira rocket", and attached it with the words: "Nothing to do!".

Cristiano Ronaldo (37) raised his tally to 17 goals

sharing the runner-up position in the Premier League's top scorer "Premier League" for the current season, with South Korea's Heung-min Son, the Tottenham Hotspur forward, reducing the gap to 5 goals between him and Egyptian leader Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool star.

The Portuguese star

  1. Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo
  2. moved up the rankings of Premier League top scorers
  3. after scoring an equaliser against Chelsea.

Ronaldo scored an equaliser for the Red Devils in front of Chelsea (1-1) with a fine strike during their Thursday night match at Old Trafford, presented by the 37 round of Premier League.

The Portuguese star

  1. the "Madeira rocket"
  2. raised his tally to 17 goals
  3. sharing the runner-up position in

the league's top scorer for the current season, with South Korea's Heung-min Son the Tottenham Hotspur forward.

Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool striker, is on the throne of top scorers with 22 goals.

The following are the top Premier League scorers

"Premier League" to date:

  1. Egyptian Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) - 22 goals
  2. Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United) - 17 goals
  3. South Korean Heung-min Son (Tottenham Hotspur) - 17 goals
  4. Portuguese Diogo Jota (Liverpool) - 15 goals
  5. Senegalese Sadio Mane (Liverpool) - 14 goals
  6. England's Harry Kane (Tottenham) - 12 goals
  7.  England's Ivan Tonier (Brentford) - 12 goals
  8. Belgian Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City) - 11 goals
  9. Algeria's Riyad Mahrez (Manchester City) - 11 goals
  10. England's Bukayo Saka (Arsenal) - 11 goals
  11.  Ivorian Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace) - 11 goals
  12. Nigerian Emmanuel Dennis (Watford) - 10 goals
  13. Brazilian Ravinha (Leeds United) - 10 goals
  14. English Mason Mont (Chelsea) - 10 goals
  15. Finland's Timo Boukki (Norwich City) - 10 goals
  16. English Emile Smith Roy (Arsenal) - 10 goals
  17. England's Raheem Sterling (Manchester City) - 10 goals
  18. England's Jamie Vardy (Leicester City) - 10 goals
  19. Portuguese Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United) - 9 goals
  20. England's Jarrod Bowen (West Ham United) - 9 goals
  21.  England's James Ward-Brauss (Southampton) - 9 goals
  22. England's Michel Antonio (West Ham United) - 8 goals
  23. England's Phil Foden (Manchester City) - 8 goals
  24. England's Conor Callagher (Crystal Palace) - 8 goals
  25. England's James Maddison (Leicester City) - 8 goals
  26. French Niall Maupay (Brighton) - 8 goals
  27. Portuguese Bernardo Silva (Manchester City) - 8 goals
  28. England's Ollie Watkins (Leicester City) - 8 goals
  29. Scotland's Chi Adams (Southampton) - 7 Goals
  30. Ivorian Maxwell Cornet (Burnley) - 7 goals
  31. Brazilian Richarlison (Everton) - 7 goals
  32. Brazilian Gabriel Martinelli (Arsenal) - 7 goals
  33. England's Jack Harrison (Leeds United) - 7 goals
  34. German Kai Havertz (Chelsea) - 7 goals
  35. Algerian Said Benrahma (West Ham United) - 6 goals
  36. Albanian Armando Prokha (Southampton) - 6 goals
  37. France's Odsonne Edward (Crystal Palace) - 6 goals
  38.  Spain's Pablo Fornals (West Ham United) - 6 goals
  39. Italian Jorginho (Chelsea) - 6 goals
  40. German Elkay Gundogan (Manchester City) - 5 goals
  41. Mexican Raul Jiménez (Wolverhampton) - 6 goals
  42. Nigerian Ademola Lockman (Leicester City) - 6 goals
  43. Spain's Rodrigo (Leeds United) - 6 goals
  44. England's Jacob Ramsey (Aston Villa) - 6 goals
  45. Belgian Yuri Telemas (Leicester City) - 6 goals
  46. Belgian Leandro Troussard (Brighton) - 6 goals
  47. England's Kaleum Wilson (Newcastle United) - 6 goals
  48. Norwegian Martín Odegaard (Arsenal) - 6 goals.