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Removing a conservative candidate from Pennsylvania as lieutenant governor from his home; The wife was granted emergency protection


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A conservative candidate for lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania was moved from his residence this week following an incident that resulted in his wife asking the court for emergency protection against violations. 

  1. Teddy Daniels, a far-right Republican, appears to have a stained history with women, after being accused of similar things in at least two other relationships. 
  2. All of this has been documented through court systems.

According to court documents from his latest alleged denominations, his wife accused Daniels of verbal abuse, stalking her, threatening her, their family dog and their young child. Originally, his wife received an "emergency protection order against abuse" from Wayne County Court, Pennsylvania for herself and her child on Monday. Since then, the Court itself has extended this protection because of a different order.

According to the terms of Tuesday's order, Daniels was barred from entering their shared home in Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania, until further notice from the court. It also prevents Daniels from communicating with his wife. She was given temporary custody of their child.

The order also refers to the presence of firearms in the home and effectively prevents Daniels from acquiring, purchasing or possessing any other firearms while ordering. 

  • He was asked to give up any firearms currently in his possession to the court or to a third party accredited by the court.
  • The handwritten notes from his wife claim that Daniels, who weighed 360 pounds and was more than six feet tall according to court records.
  •  "pulled me out of the shirt" during an ordeal in August. She went on to accuse him of threatening to "kill our family dog in front of the kids."

This is not the first time Daniels has been accused of abusing women in relationships. In 2013, during the custody battle, Daniels' ex-wife sought a protection order from the Maryland District Court. She cited "domestic violence" as her reason for needing the order. The petition also alleged that Daniels was harassing her at her place of work. In this case, the ex-wife was not granted the order, and other documents show that Daniels repeatedly cited seeing his child as a motive for constant communication.

Back in 1999, Daniels sued another woman for a visit and custody of a child they were together. However, that woman's lawyer accused Daniels of engaging in "behaviour that threatened her" towards the woman, making her feel "justifiably insecure." Daniels was still granted a visit in that case despite the accusations.