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Biden announces new military aid to Ukraine including ammunition and radar devices


US President Joe Baden announced new military assistance to Ukraine, including munitions, radars and others.

Biden said in a statement on Friday: "He announced a new package of security assistance that will provide Ukraine with additional ammunition for artillery, radars and other equipment."

The United States had provided "a historic volume of security support to Ukraine at high speed and is sending weapons and equipment approved by Congress directly to Ukraine's front lines of freedom."

He added that his administration had "almost exhausted funding that could be used to send security assistance to Ukraine within the powers granted to disburse funds", noting that U.S. support must continue uninterrupted "for Ukraine's success in the next phase of the war."

"Congress must quickly provide the funding required to strengthen Ukraine's strength in the field and behind the negotiating table."

The Kremlin expressed its conviction of Russia's ability to achieve the objectives set out within the framework of its military operation in Ukraine, despite the continued military and intelligence support of Western states to the Kiev government.

This statement was made by Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Thursday, commenting to reporters on a report in which The New York Times reported that Kiev had used intelligence data it had received from Washington to target Russian troops, killing a number of Russian officers.

Peskov said: "Our military is well aware that the United States, Britain and NATO have been handed over on an ongoing basis intelligence and other data to Ukraine's armed forces. This is well known ".

This intelligence support, in addition to continued arms exports from the West to Ukraine, "does not contribute to the expeditious completion of the (Russian) military operation, but at the same time does not prevent the achievement of the objectives under the special military operation".

In response to a question about special response actions that Moscow may take in this regard, Peskov stressed that Russian military personnel "do everything necessary in these circumstances".