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Biden hosts Bill Clinton at the White House


The White House confirmed that President Joe Biden on Monday hosted former President Bill Clinton for lunch at the White House.

White House spokeswoman Jane Psaki said Biden and Clinton were scheduled to have a "wide-ranging discussion," noting that "Biden spoke with Clinton two weeks ago and has had a number of conversations with him since taking office."

  • She pointed out that Biden had lunch last week with former President Barack Obama.
  • The lunch between Biden and Clinton took place just days after they attended former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright's funeral.

"Vice President." Obama jokes with Biden on his first visit to the White House since 2017

Former US President Barack Obama returned to the White House for the first time since leaving office in 2017 to promote the Affordable Health Care Act that became law 12 years ago.

Obama joined President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for remarks on the Affordable Care Act, and Obama received a warm welcome from attendees, saying, "It's good to be back in the White House."

As usual, Obama made some jokes, opening his speech by thanking Biden, joking: "Thank you, Vice President Biden," and then laughing and saying, "That was a joke."

  1. "I've heard that the current president has made some changes since I was last here.
  2. " he added, joking: "Apparently, Secret Service agents have to wear Aviator glasses now (the glasses Biden wears)."
  3. Obama then focused on the objective of his visit.

to mark 12 years of the Affordable Care Act, and said: "It's an example of why you ran for office in the first place. We're not supposed to do this just to take a seat or hang on to power. We are supposed to do this because it makes a difference in the lives of the people who got us here ".