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Elon Musk: Twitter's working standards will be better later


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Elon Musk: Twitter's working standards will be better later

US businessman Elon Musk said Twitter's work and performance standards would be higher after he bought the service.

Musk added: "The requirements for professional ethics will become much higher, but much lower than I ask of myself."

Earlier, Musk said, if acquired on Twitter, the company would focus heavily on software engineering, design, security and service equipment.

Earlier, Twitter announced an agreement with Musk to sell the company for $44 billion.

For his part, the billionaire, in explaining his investment in the social network, explained that he believed that it could become a platform for freedom of expression around the world.

Musk announced he was willing to spend his $21 billion in private money, as well as funding from Morgan Stanley Senior Funding up to $25.5 billion.

Elon Musk highlights four key areas where Twitter would focus if it is acquired.

US billionaire Elon Musk has revealed areas that Twitter will concentrate heavily on if it completes its acquisition.

  • Musk posted a tweet on Friday saying that "if the acquisition of Twitter is completed
  • the company will focus heavily on software engineering, design, information technology,and server hardware."
  • In another tweet, he added: "I strongly believe that all managers in the technical field should be technically excellent

  •  and managers in software should write great software, or it's like being the commander of a cavalry can't ride!".

Elon Musk sparks new controversy by tweeting "I'll buy Coca-Cola to return cocaine"!

  • Elon Musk sparks new controversy by tweeting "I'll buy Coca-Cola to return cocaine"!
  • Elon Musk, chief executive of Tesla, joked that he would buy Coca
  • Cola after his high-profile purchase of Twitter, and pledged to return a bad item .
  • now very illegal - that was in the drink.

Musk, known for his bizarre social media movements and posts, took to Twitter late Wednesday evening to "announce" plans to buy the multi-billion dollar beverage company. He said, "Then I'll buy Coca-Cola to get the cocaine back."

While soft drinks have long been one of America's most popular exports

  1. Its original version contains some questionable ingredients, particularly cocaine.
  2. According to Scientific American, soda still contains coca leaf extract.
  3. from which illicit white power is derived - but only after it is "cocaine-free".

It is not clear exactly when Coca-Cola removed the property from its products, although it was likely at some point after the company bought the beverage inventor, John Pemberton (himself a lifelong morphine user), in the late 1880s.