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Former US Secretary of Defense: Trump considered missile strikes for Mexico and I thought he was joking!


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Former US Secretary of Defense: I assumed Trump was kidding when he said he was considering missile attacks on Mexico!

Former US President Donald Trump questioned the possibility of rocket strikes on a drug lab in Mexico, according to the New York Times.

In his forthcoming memoir, the former US Secretary of Defense recounts that Trump asked him at least twice in the summer of 2020 whether the US military could "strike missiles against Mexico to destroy drug labs," noting that the former US president was deeply disturbed by the flow of drugs across the southern border and stating that Mexican authorities did not control their territory.

  1. He stated that Trump responded to the objections to the bombing by saying
  2. "We will only fire some Patriot missiles, and no one will know that we did that"
  3. and that he also stated that he would deny the strike itself.

Esper commented on his account that he would have taken such a plan as a joke if he hadn't looked at Trump at that moment.

  • The paper noted that Esper's book, "The Sacred Section"
  • is due to be released on May 10.
  • The former secretary, who was fired by Trump immediately after losing the 2020 presidential election

has previously classified it as a "full and unadorned history" of the American nation, "especially in its difficult periods."