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Melania Trump on her possible return to the White House: Nothing is impossible


Melania Trump on her prospective

White House return: Nothing is unattainable.

The former US first lady, Melania Trump, refused to rule out a second term as first lady, if her husband, former President Donald Trump, reaches the White House again, saying "nothing is impossible."

In her first statement since leaving the White House

Melania told Fox News: "I love Washington, D.C.... I know it works quite differently than any other city.

But I really loved her and enjoyed living in the White House. It was my greatest honour to be the First Lady of the United States, and I think we have achieved so much in the four years of the Trump Administration. "

She added:

  1. "I enjoyed taking care of the White House.
  2. It was my house for a while.
  3. I understood it to be a people's home.

It was an honour to live there, "and when journalist Pete Hegseth told her:"

Maybe it's your house again?

" Melania said, "never say never," meaning nothing is impossible.

Asked about

"the situation of the country right now," she said: "I think it's sad to see what happens if you look deep at it.

I think a lot of people are suffering, "she said. but what is happening is inconceivable ".

Asked about the media's hostility to her

Melania noted that "some people always criticize me no matter what I do and I'm used to it.

I'm here to help people and that's the job. And those who criticize me, I would like to encourage them to help in their community or perhaps join the Foster the Future initiatives. "

Melania Trump slams Vogue for not posting on cover during Trump presidency

In her first interview since leaving the White House, former first lady Melania Trump criticized Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour for never putting her on the cover when her husband was president.

In his interview with Melania Trump

Fox Nation anchor Pete Hegseth explained the fact that first ladies Jill Biden, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton all had the cover of Vogue, and even Vice President Kamala Harris received accolades even before she was sworn in. In.

"They are biased and have likes and dislikes

  1. which is very clear.
  2. I think the American people
  3. and everyone sees it.
  4. It was their decision

and I have more important things to do

and I did it in the White House than appearing on the cover of Vogue, "Melania said.

It should be noted that the former model was adorning the cover of Vogue in February 2005, when she married Donald Trump and was injured in her wedding gown.

Stephanie Winston-Wolkoff

Melania's longtime mastermind, claims the former first lady was shown a fashion photo immediately after Trump took office, but refused unless she was promised a cover.

Laura Bush and Barbara Bush, both first conservative ladies, were refused cover for Vogue.

After First Lady Jill Biden appeared on the cover of Vogue

members of the Trump family angrily expressed their displeasure with the magazine. Biden appeared on the cover of the August issue after a long break.

After Donald Trump left the White House, there was usually a magazine cover featuring the first lady four years later.

In a moment of angry irony

Donald Trump Jr. uploaded a photoshopped photo of Jill Biden on Instagram with singer Alice Cooper's face on it, along with the caption: "It worked. "I apologize to Alice Cooper."

Lara Trump

wife of Donald Trump's younger son Eric Trump, was another member of the former president's family who was angry about Biden appearing on the cover. She spoke about how Melania Trump was ignored by Vogue despite being the "most beautiful first lady."

"It's very unfortunate that we didn't have a first lady who was a model, who was incredibly stylish, and they could put her on the cover of Vogue when Donald Trump was in office," she said on Fox Business. "Oh wait, we did! It was Melania Trump! "