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Musk reveals the fact that Trump encouraged him to buy Twitter for $44 billion


Musk reveals

the fact that Trump encouraged him to buy Twitter

for $44 billion

US billionaire Elon Musk denied that former US President Donald Trump had encouraged him to invest in the Twitter giant.

In a tweet :

he said :

  • This is wrong. I had no contact
  • who publicly stated that he would be exclusive to Truth. 

Earlier :

Devin Nunes :

  1. director of social media app Truth
  2. said Trump encouraged Musk to acquire
  3. the app for $44 billion, to counter tech tyrants.

Trump decided to buy Twitter to make it a safe environment for dialogue between family and friends, before Elon announced his intention to buy it, so he is currently encouraging Musk to complete the deal, Nunes added in a Fox News dialogue.

Trump launched Truth for

governors who felt they were being watched by Twitter

  • noting that this goal was what made Trump encourage him to
  • confront tech tyrants. It was time for Americans to
  • have their voice back, and for the Internet to
  • become as accessible to everyone as before.

News of Tesla's purchase of Twitter sparked many speculation that Trump's account would return to Twitter, after his account was permanently shut down immediately after the well-known Capitol riots on January 6, 2021.

But the former US

president stated that he would not join the app again

  • even if Elon's deal was completed
  • who said that Truth was a very bad name
  • that it was the most uploaded app on Apple Store

Musk: Trump's Truth Social app defeats Twitter and TikTok

US billionaire Elon Musk

who bought Twitter

said that former President Donald Trump's Truth

Social app defeats Twitter on the Apple Store to download apps.

Musk :

who is barred from criticizing 

witter under a clause in the company's purchase contract

wrote in a tweet:

Truth Social currently defeats Twitter and TikTok on Apple Store to download apps.

He considered that Truth Social (a terrible name) exists because Twitter censors freedom of expression , considering that the site should be called Trumpet instead.

It states that under the "Twitter" purchase agreement

Musk is allowed to

To the extent that such tweets do not diminish the reputation of the company or any of its representatives, you may publish tweets about the merger or transactions contemplated by this document.

Under the purchase clause..

Elon Musk is forbidden from criticizing Twitter.

  1. The "Twitter" acquisition agreement concluded by
  2. Elon Musk, a US billionaire, has a provision stating
  3. prevents him from criticizing the company

although the founder of Tesla appears to be

already testing the limits of the rule.

A file from the United States Securities

and Exchange Commission detailing the observations of

  • the Convention was published, allowing Musk
  • identified in the document as the equity investor
  • to "issue tweets about the merger

or transactions contemplated by this document, so long as the company or any of its representatives aren't diminished in value by these tweets.

According to the information

Following acrimonious discussions between Twitter and Musk's board, which promised to reintegrate the platform to ensure freedom of expression, the item was enacted.

Musk publicly :

  • revealed his belief that Twitter's outgoing leadership
  • was not equipped to fully unlock
  • the company's potential.

Current Twitter employees have expressed concern about Musk's use of the platform, which he regularly uses to convey background information about his other companies, such as Tesla and SpaceX, and to mock rivals such as Bill Gates and Bernie Sanders.