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NASA vehicle sends mysterious data from outside our solar system!

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NASA vehicle sends ;

mysterious data from outside our solar system!

 Voyager 1 continues its journey outside our solar system, 45 years after its launch. But now, the spacecraft sends strange data, which puzzles its engineers.

NASA said :

on Wednesday that while the lander was still functioning properly

readings from the expression and position control system

AACS in short :

did not appear to match the spacecraft's movements

and direction, suggesting the craft was confused about its position in space.

The AACS system is essential for Voyager to send NASA data about its surrounding interstellar environment where it keeps the vehicle's antenna directed towards our planet.

Susan Dodd :

  1. Voyager 1
  2. and 2 project manager
  3. at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

said in

a statement:

"Such a mystery is a kind of cycle parity at this stage of the Voyager mission
The spacecraft is approximately 45 years old

well beyond what the mission planners expected.

Voyager 1 was launched in 1977 to :

explore exoplanets in our solar system

and has long worked with expectations

and continues to :

send information about return trips to Earth.

The pilot left our solar system and entered interstellar space in 2012.

It is now 14.5 billion miles from Earth, making it the remotest human-made object.


said that by what its engineers can say

Voyager 1's AACS system sends randomly generated

data that does not "reflect what is really happening on board."

But even if system data indicate otherwise :

the spacecraft antenna appears to be properly aligned

it receives and executes orders from NASA

and sends data back to Earth. To date, the problem of the system had not prompted the old spacecraft to enter "safe mode", where it performed only basic operations.

Until the nature of :

the problem is better understood, the team cannot predict whether this may affect how long the spacecraft can collect and transmit scientific data," NASA said.

Rogozin announces the launch of a Russian craft to the Moon

Dmitry Rogozhin :

Director General of Ross Cosmos

announced that the launch date of

the Luna-25 will be the end of September 2022.

Speaking at the "New Horizons" Marthon, Rogozhin noted that the "Luna-25" vehicle will be launched from Vostochny Space Airport at the end of September.

We plan to launch this vehicle before the end of :

September from Vostochny Space Airport, he said.

Rogozhin had previously announced that

the launch date of the "Luna-25" would depend on the results of the tests.

Alexander Metkin :

Deputy General Designer of Electrical Systems :

announced that the initial date for the launch of

the first national mission after 46 years

to the Moon from Vostochny Space Airport was scheduled for 22 August 2022.

The main mission of the Luna-25 is to develop basic technologies for the easy landing in the Moon's south pole region and to conduct communication studies in this region.