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Popular Chrome browser gets a new feature

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Google has announced the start of a new Chrome browser feature test that many internet users may like.

Google noted that many users of its computer browser today rely on Google Lens as one of the solutions to recognize images and obtain information about them, but it currently features search results in a separate tab other than the one in which the user sees the image he was looking for, so its programmers are developing

the search mechanism :

  1. Depending on the information available
  2. the Google Lens service in the Chrome browser via computers
  3. will receive a new feature that will show the results of 

the image search on the same web page where the user searches for a particular image, and will display those results in the form of a bar on the right side of the page.

To take advantage of the new feature

when browsing the Internet via Chrome

the user will choose any image that appears on the web page, and then click on the image with the right mouse button, after which he will press the "Search image with Google Lens" option, after which he will have the options to search for the full image or a particular part of it.

Features that may matter to many appear in Windows systems

  • Microsoft announced its intention to introduce new features to make Windows 11 systems more practical and useful for users.
  • According to the information provided by the company
  • its programmers are currently working on a new feature that will help owners of new Windows 11
  • computers to recover the applications they used on their former old computers.

The company noted that Windows systems

do not currently have such a feature

and to recover apps that the user was using with their old devices they should enter their app store and manually download apps in their new device.

For his part

the general manager of the Microsoft Store e-store, Giorgio Sardo

said :

"To make it easier for customers to move to new computers quickly and easily, we will soon test a new feature that will help them automatically recover their pre-installed Microsoft Store apps to a new Windows device."

  • On the other hand
  • Microsoft's Head of Hardware and Systems

Panos Bunny, said

"His company will give third-party developers access to the Widgets section of Windows 11 systems, which will allow the development of new shortcuts for the interfaces of those systems that will meet the needs and tastes of different users

and users will also have greater control over the forms, colors and characteristics of the shortcuts they want.