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Russian doctor explains how to protect sight from computer radiation

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Dr. Natalia Voroshilova, an ophthalmologist, announced that computer glasses protect eyes from blue radiation and relieve stress.

According to the Russian news agency Novosti, computer glasses protect sight.

  • She explains, "These glasses use special lenses painted with special paint that protects the eye from blue radiation
  • which has a high ability to penetrate tissue, thereby reaching the retina and causing degenerative changes and oxidative stress. 
  • This causes the retina to develop diseases and impaired eyesight. Computer glasses also reduce tension and improve the workpiece environment. "

According to her, there is no firm opinion on the fact that computer glasses are protected from blue radiation, which directly affects the sight.

It says, "The debate continues in the scientific community on blocking these blue radiation glasses and protecting eyes from them. But there are scientific publications that confirm their usefulness. There are also studies indicating their futility. There is therefore no clear and unified opinion on the usefulness of computer glasses. "

Russian doctor reveals what impairs vision

Dr. Valeria Smirnova, ophthalmologist, declared that reading in transport and neglect of glasses causes poor vision.

  1. The specialist revealed in a talk to doctorpiter.ru
  2. habits that can cause the development of eye diseases.
  3. She cautioned against reading in transport, as it could become a cause of poor visibility. Because the eyes are tired of frequent focus on the image.
  4. It is also not recommended to read electronic device publications at night in reclining mode.

Smirnova asserts that refraining from using medical glasses or contact lenses prescribed by a doctor can lead to diversion. 

Therefore, you should choose appropriate and correct glasses or contact lenses, and do not neglect to use reading glasses or work on the computer.

It adds, vision can be impaired by a lack of attention to glasses lenses or contact lenses. That is, not paying attention to them, cleaning them daily, putting them in the designated space and not sleeping with contact lenses.

Smirnova points out that cosmetics need to be removed carefully in order not to enter the eye. She also advises against scratching the eye, as this process may lead to a pathological infection of the eye.

In conclusion, the specialist advises that sunglasses should be worn to protect the eyes from the effect of UV rays.

Russian ophthalmologist identifies who is threatened by an increased risk in vision

Dr. Ileana Kiselyova, ophthalmologist, revealed when to use glasses, and the groups most at risk of vision problems.

  1. Speaking to Izvestia
  2. the specialist points out that often a person does not feel any symptoms of disease
  3. yet he has to review the ophthalmologist once a year, to ensure that his eyesight is OK.
  4. Because many eye diseases at the beginning of their development do not exhibit specific symptoms

but later cause serious complications that may reach total blindness. So only a specialist can detect these diseases at an early stage and prevent their development.

According to her, the most vulnerable people to eye disease spend a long time working on computer and other electronic devices, as well as people over the age of 50 who suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure as well as those who had previously suffered an eye injury, or undergo eye surgery, and those with chronic eye disease or relatives with eye disease.

  • She says, "But when one of the symptoms I will mention below
  • you should consult an ophthalmologist and not try to self-treat the disease. 
  • These symptoms are: impaired vision in the dimension or proximity
  • blurred image, eye pain (regardless of location and nature), redness, rupture, itching, feeling of sand in the eye
  • increased sensitivity to light, emergence of purulent mucous discharge, tumors on the eyelids and the eyeballs themselves. "

According to the ophthalmologist, there are a number of signs by which it can be determined that vision is beginning to deteriorate and it is time to wear glasses.

She says, "You should pay attention if you close your eyes when you stare for a clearer picture. because in this case the light beam package narrows up the visibility ".

It adds, "When a person suffers from headaches, double vision, halos, blurred images of objects and blurry vision during prolonged visual stress (working on a computer, driving a car, watching TV for a long time or reading they are symptoms that may indicate a deterioration of visual acuity".