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Some Javelin shells don't explode and others don't reach the target. Ukrainian captive exposes defects of portable NATO missile systems


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A captured Ukrainian soldier revealed that the United States Javelin systems and British NLAW anti-armour missiles provided to Ukraine were expired and most of them had work imbalances.

In a video released by the Russian Ministry of Defence, the captive soldier said: "Military assistance from the United States, in my opinion, has received more praise than it deserves, and the much-promoted Javelin and NLAW missiles have shown in the field what they actually are."

He added: "There were imbalances, with one in four firing usually successful, and some rockets were not exploding, or exploding 50 metres away without reaching the target."

"Most of the systems had their batteries expired, and according to the signs of the boxes, most of the batches of those missiles were expired."

The prisoner stated that Western trainers had interpreted quickly and briefly how to use this weapon, and in practical exercises no one had been aware of the imbalances.

Javelin should have burned all our gear, but that didn't happen.

Under the heading above, Denis Tilmanov wrote, in Gazeta Roux, about the ineffectiveness of American anti-tank missiles.

According to the article, the United States delivered some 7,000 Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine. According to Insider's United States estimates, American stockpiles of these weapons themselves have fallen by about a third and now reach 20-25 thousand launchers. At the same time, the fighting in Ukraine has demonstrated the inadequacy of this weapon's effectiveness.

The Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences, Dr. Konstantin Sivkov, noted that the fighting in Ukraine had proved Javelin's ineffectiveness against military equipment in residential areas. "The Americans have used these missiles in Ukraine against our tanks. They were supposed to burn all our gear a few times, but that didn't happen. "

He added: "They may have been used by untrained individuals and may have been destroyed before they entered the battle. But the fact that this weapon in Ukraine's circumstances proves to be totally ineffective, because Javelin's concept itself is somewhat questionable. It only hits warm armored vehicles. If they are cold, nothing can be done ". The concept of "fire and forget", under which the missile had been created, required it to identify and capture the target independently. Without it, it can't be released. Many other anti-armour missiles, such as Russia's Cornet, are directed by a laser beam to strike any target, even those not seen in infrared light.