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The new Russian App Store will run on all modern phones in the country


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The new Russian App Store will run on all modern phones in the country

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin announced that the new locally developed app store will be pre-installed in all smartphones that will be sold in Russia.

"This action will help Russian users access electronic services and apps after restrictions imposed by foreign app stores such as Google Play and App Store in the country,"

Mishustin explained.

On the subject, the official said

"Until recently, Russian users could install any content on their devices, including sports

related apps, foreign language learning apps and science-related apps

but foreign e-platform owners limited our users' access to software and also restricted software created by Russian developers. 

Our users are afraid that the software they had previously purchased or carried may cease to be updated at any time or cease to operate altogether, and it is therefore decided to introduce a Russian app store that will be pre-installed on all new smartphones, whether imported or manufactured in Russia. "

The general manager of the Russian company "VK"

 Vladimir Kerenko, had previously stated that the test version of the RuStore app store developed by his company with the support of the Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation would begin operating for devices that adopt Android systems on May 25.

Also on May 16 :

  • the Russian app store NashStore was launched
  • and its developerDigital Platforms
  • noted that users used this store more than

1 million and 300,000 times to download the apps

only during the first week of its launch.

The new Russian App Store sees an excellent turnout in the first week of its operation

The new Russian app store NashStore has announced that the store has experienced an excellent turnout by users in its first week of operation.

The Russian developer of Digital Platforms noted that

  • "in the first week of its launch
  • the new store saw an excellent turnout by people
  • logged into it by more than 657 thousand users

and developers downloaded and sent more than 5 thousand apps to be verified to work with the store

and almost 1500 applications were verified."

According to available information

during the first week of the store's operation, users used it about 1.3 million times to download many apps, including as 2Gis, RuTube, VTB Online, SberMarket, AlfaBank and others.

For his part, the Director of Projects at Digital Platforms

Vladimir Zikov, said "  

We are constantly updating the application regulations in our digital store and inviting developers who have not yet added their applications to our store to add those applications, and continue to add new services to the store."

Digital Platforms announced its intention to launch a new app store last March after some companies and foreign app stores imposed restrictions on Russian applications and software.

On May 9 :

the company announced the opening of registration for developers for its store, and almost a week later the store was available to users.