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Turkey unveils "Eka volcano" autonomous and multifunctional vehicle

Turkey unveils "Eka volcano" autonomous and multifunctional vehicle

The autonomous and multifunctional vehicle "Eka volcano" has been unveiled in Turkey.

  • Havilsan Defense Industries Turkey has unveiled the "Eka Volcano", a multifunctional and capable self-driving vehicle. 
  • Via its Twitter account, the company posted a video of the vehicle's test in demining, autonomous driving and shooting targets directly and remotely.
  • Turkey's military industry has evolved at lightning speed in the last three years, and the military aircraft has proven its combat capabilities in the battlefield.
  • Recently, the Birqa2 was able to fly in the air for 100 thousand hours and was a great success in the sky.

Ukraine bought 2 Kangi Bircas from Turkey before Russia's war with Ukraine.

When the war entered

the Turkish Bergdar Kenge2 was able to strike important Russian military targets such as the Russian naval vessel Sam, Russia's oldest naval warship at sea.

The plan was to monitor the Birfar 1 vessel through an exploratory mission to a ship and then the Birkdar Kenge2 would strike the target. Indeed, the plan succeeded. The vessel was hit and more than one officer was killed.

Thanks to Turkey's aircraft

  • playing the deceitful controller in the sky
  • monitoring the target
  • striking quickly and then returning safe.

Aircraft specifications

With its unique fuselage and wing design, Bircidar Akangi is a strategic combat aircraft that can carry different payloads with the following specifications:

  1. Maximum speed 130-195 knots
  2. Maximum load 5500kg
  3. Maximum height 3000-4000 feet
  4. Endurance about 24 hours
  5. Wingspan 20 meters
  6. Height 4.1 meters
  7. Length 12.2m

75 percent of Turkey's total exports in defence industries are sent to the United States of America, Russia, France, Germany and China.

The sector's main objective is to increase its share of the global market

and Turkey has entered a list of the largest 10 defense technology exporters in 5 years, adding that in recent years Turkey has succeeded in reducing its defence imports by 60 percent.

"We are now exporting locally developed and manufactured value-added products such as armoured vehicles, aircraft, maritime platforms, ammunition and drones to 169 countries around the world, including NATO and European Union countries."

Turkey has discovered a new means of expansion

and political influence, namely drone trade.

  • In this regard, the Senior Researcher at the Institute of Global Economics and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Assistant Professor at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vladimir Avatkov
  • told Fizgliad: "The Turkish authorities use the ideology of the Centre. Turkey, which lacks sufficient resources, is trying to use other countries' resources. 
  • form and work with pressure groups under their control there to ensure that certain types of weapons are booked ".

Turkish drones, today

  1. one of the most popular
  2. and most widespread aircraft
  3. Its use in the Libyan civil war has impressed many

and Azerbaijan's use of it during hostilities in the Nagorny Karabagh region has further impressed. Some 15 States have virtually received or signed Bi 'rqdar aircraft. In most cases, these aircraft bear Turkey's national interests on their wings.

Avatkov said: 

"Having established integration platforms with Turkish countries in the post-Soviet space in science, culture, education and politics, Turkey is now trying to form a common security space.

It is therefore important for them to train military personnel in Turkish States and to sell their weapons to these countries. "

But "Birkdar"

 does not help Turkey defend its interests in Turkish cultural space only. For example, the agreement to sell it to the United Arab Emirates has become one of the elements of improving relations with this important country in the Middle East that Erdogan desperately needed.

The sale of Birkdar to Ukraine is seen as a way to gain a foothold there and give Ankara tools to control the course of the Ukrainian crisis, in response to Russia's actions in Syria, which the Turkish authorities prepare as their zone of influence.

In addition

in October, Turks agreed to supply Birkadar to Ethiopia.

  • Turks need to strengthen their positions there
  • including exerting pressure on Egypt
  • which Ankara sees as its main competitor in the Middle East.