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The United States... Detection of chickenpox virus in a New York City resident


New York State Health Department officials announced Friday evening that a New York City resident was infected with the virus that causes chickenpox.

The unidentified patient is isolated and receiving treatment as a positive case pending final confirmation by the Centers for Disease Control.

New York City public health officials announced Thursday that they were investigating two possible cases of monkey pox, a virus that rarely exists outside Africa and can cause flu-like symptoms.

The state Department of Health said testing had ruled out another case.

New York's case comes as the World Health Organization (WHO) has monitored some 80 cases globally and another 50 suspected cases.

  1. Health officials in Massachusetts confirmed the first case of monkey chickens on May 18.
  2. State and city officials will seek to determine how the New York patient was infected.
  3. Epidemiologists in the city began reaching people who might have been in contact with that person.

The virus causes fever, body pain, chills and fatigue in most patients, and people with severe conditions can develop rashes and blisters in the face, hands and other parts of the body.

Global Health Reports Number of Monkey Pox Infections Worldwide

The World Health Organization (WHO) spokesman Tarik Yazarevich said that the organization has so far recorded 37 cases of monkeypox virus, and another 71 cases are under investigation.

He added

  • "There are currently 37 confirmed cases, and 71 cases are under investigation.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) urges different countries to follow case
  • specific generalizations and identifications and seek new ones. We expect it to increase as research expands ".

As a rule, monkey pox symptoms disappear in a few weeks, but in some cases they can lead to health complications and even death.

Chickenpox is expanding in Europe.

After the United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal announced on Wednesday that they had recorded more than 40 confirmed or suspected cases of "chickenpox", a disease rare in Europe.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said Tuesday that it wants to study, in cooperation with Britain, monkeys that have been detected in the country since the beginning of May.

Local health authorities in the Madrid region announced on Wednesday night the discovery of 23 suspected monkey chickenpox infections, a disease endemic in West Africa.

The authorities' statement on Twitter that transmission of the disease "occurs through the respiratory tract but these 23 presumed cases of infection indicate that transmission occurred through the mucous membranes."

In Portugal, there are "more than 20 suspected monkey chickenpox infections in the Lisbon region (West) five of which have been confirmed", as announced by the health authorities of Portugal in a statement.

Chickenpox is a rare disease and usually has symptoms of fever, muscle pain, enlarged lymphoma and a rash on the hands and face.