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What is the world's tallest tree?

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Trees are one of the most wonderful and impressive organisms on the planet. And many of them are very large, which raises the question of which one is the longest.

The tallest trees on Earth turned out to be evergreen sequoia trees (also known as beach squakes or coastal mammoths) looming over the fog coast of Redwood National Park in Northern California.

This giant species owns a tree known as "Heberion", according to Guinness World Records. When it was last measured in 2019, it was 380 feet and 9.7 inches (116.07 meters) high to the base, taller than a 35-storey building.

Heberon's exact location is a close secret, but it appears to be rooted in a hillside where most of the old-grown evergreen sequoia trees have been cut. Somehow, the "hyperion" tree survived the saw, with the tree estimated to be between 600 and 800 years old.

The giant tree was first discovered in 2006, by Chris Atkins and Michael Tylo, part of a team of researchers who, at the time, were trampling California forests for the tallest trees, according to the SFGate report.

At that time, the tree was slightly shorter, at 379 feet and 1.2 inches (115.5 meters). At about the same time, that group discovered the second and third longest trees: Helios, which was then 376.3 feet (114.7 meters) high, and Icarus, which was 371.2 feet (113.1 meters) high.

Atkins told SFGate in 2006: "Although it is on steep slopes, it grows in the best red wood habitat on the planet, near abundant water, and it has a lot of fog, which keeps the local climate moderate and humid, as well as high exposure to sunlight."

It is noted that evergreen sequoia is not only the tallest tree on the planet, but also one of the oldest organisms on Earth, and can live until 2000 years.

  1. It is unclear exactly why these trees can live to be too old
  2. but climate plays a role
  3. Even when the interior of California burns in the summer
  4. a blanket of thick fog envelops the coastal orchards

keeping the temperature cool all year round. The coast also sees about 254 centimetres of rain a year, helping to care for these giants' orchards, according to the National Park Service.

Evergreen sequoia trees are also one of the most resilient on Earth. Its tannin-rich bark appears to be virtually immune to fungi and other tree-falling diseases.

The 25-centimetre bark enables these giants to withstand the historic fires in the Sierra mountain range.

While evergreen sequoia trees are the tallest trees on Earth, they are not the largest, as the largest trees on our planet are General Sherman and General Grant, the giant sequoia trees that cling to the Sierra Rock at King's Canyon in California and Sequoia National Parks.

Here are the tallest trees on other continents according to Guinness World Records

  • The Eucalyptus regnans is located on Tasmania Island, 327.5 feet (99.82 meters) tall, Australia's longest tree.
  • Asia's longest tree is the Shorea faguetiana found in Malaysia. It is shorter than Australia's tallest tree, with a height of 323.3 feet (98.53 meters).
  • In South America, the Dinizia excelsea tree in Brazil's Amazon rainforest is the longest on the continent, at 290.4 feet (88.5 meters)
  • Longest tree in Africa, Entandrophragma excelsum tree near Kilimanjaro National Park in Tanzania, 267.4 feet (81.50 meters) high
  • The largest tree in Europe lives in Portugal, and the height of the Eucalyptus diversicolor tree (eucalyptus of varied colors) is 239.2 feet (72.9 meters)