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WhatsApp alert: Our app will be banned from these phones soon

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WhatsApp alert:

Our app will be banned from these phones soon

WhatsApp plans to discontinue its support for a number of Apple phones soon, as its application will not work in devices that adopt specific versions of iOS.

According to WABetaInfo

the company is now warning iPhone users with iOS 10 or iOS 11 devices that they need to update their devices in order to continue using the Watts app by the end of October.

It seems that changes to the popular chat service, will leave some Apple phone users banned from sending

and receiving any messages.

  1. The eagle-eyed team at WABetainfo revealed that Watts App
  2. which is owned by Meta
  3. had started alerting some users that their devices
  4. would cease to operate from October 2022

because Apple's iOS 12 :

would be the minimum requirement for devices as of this fall and neither iPhone 5 could (iPhone 5) and "iPhone 5C" (iPhone 5c) run this most modern software.

In the alert :

WhatsApp warns :

  • "Update the latest version of iOS to continue using WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp will stop supporting this version of
  • iOS after October 24, 2022. "

Besides this iPhone alert :

the app has also updated its support page which now reads: "Currently, we provide support for the following devices and recommend them: Android, running 4.1 and newer, iPhone, running iOS 12 and newer versions."

Why is WhatsApp making this change?

It's no secret that WhatsApp is abandoning its support for legacy devices, as the company needs to focus on upgrades that will be available to the majority of its users.

As phones get older, fewer people use them, so it makes commercial sense to stop pushing updates.

Watts App explains

  •  "Hardware and software often change
  • so we regularly review the operating systems we support and make updates.
  • To choose what we stop supporting
  • very year, like other technology companies
  • we look at older hardware and software that still have
  • the fewest people still using it.

These devices may also not contain the latest security updates, or may lack the functions required to operate WhatsApp. "

WhatsApp enthuses users with fixing one of the biggest confusing problems!

WhatsApp left users in a state of excitement after the emergence of a long-sought-after feature that could come to an Android phone.

WhatsApp's account was linked to a certain telephone number. For people with multiple phones (such as personal and business phones), this can cause problems because they can only receive WhatsApp messages sent to their accounts on one device.

The world's most popular chat app has taken steps to address this, launching a long-awaited multi-device feature last year.

This new feature allows the user to access their account via multiple devices.

However, WhatsApp accounts were still linked to one smartphone, with additional devices that had access to the WhatsApp account, namely web platforms

WhatsApp Desktop and Portal.

Fortunately :

this week it emerged that WhatsApp is working on a 2.0 version of its multi-device feature that has just entered the test on Android.

As monitored by WABetaInfo

the multi-device tool that has been renewed will give WhatsApp users access to their accounts on a second phone or on their tablet.

To do this, WhatsApp users will have to head to settings and go to a section of the user interface called "Register Device Companion."


to connect two devices together

WhatsApp users will need to direct their main devices to the phone screen or other tablet.

To connect devices :

the QR code appearing on the second device must be checked.

Once you do :

you will be able to access your WhatsApp account on a smartphone or other tablet.

At present, the release date of this upcoming feature has not been announced. But because the tool is currently being tested, we hope it will not take long for it to be rolled out on the fixed channel.