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White House announces new Western sanctions against Russia, including media and oil exports

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The White House, in a statement issued following a visual contact between the leaders of the G7 in which Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky participated, stated that the leaders of the G7 expressed their "concern to strengthen Ukraine's positions in the field of combat and negotiation."

The statement claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin had made his country "an international pariah... Today the United States, the European Union and the Group of Seven have committed to increasing these costs by adopting further actions collectively consistent with the legal powers and processes of each partner. "

New penalties include:

  1. Prohibition of three Russian television channels directly or indirectly under State control: "Channel 1", "Russia-1" and "NTV"
  2. Preventing American citizens from providing services in the field of accounting, providing trust, establishing companies, and management consulting services, to individuals in Russia.
  3. Issuing new rules in the United States that impose further sanctions on Russia's industry sector, including the import of wood products, industrial engines, machinery, engines, fans, ventilation equipment, bulldozers and other industrial and commercial products.

Penalties for dealing with Russian company Brumtikhtinya, which produces guns and weapons, seven shipping companies that own or operate 69 ships, and a shipping company.

  • Suspension by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Committee of licences to export to Russia materials of origin, special nuclear materials, secondary materials and deuterium.
  • Restrictions on the granting of visas to some 2.6 thousand officials in Russia and Belarus.
  • Adopts a new policy of restricting the granting of visas to Russian military officials and invited Russian-appointed Ukraine "engaged in violations of human rights, international humanitarian law and public corruption issues in Ukraine".
  • Sanctions were imposed on eight executives of Sberbank (Russia's largest financial institution), 27 others in Gazprom Bank, Moscow Industrial Bank and 10 subsidiaries.
  • The White House announced that the G-7 had pledged to gradually curtail or ban its imports of Russian oil.

Bloomberg reported that European Union countries failed again on Sunday to agree on the sixth sanctions package the bloc intends to impose on Russia since the start of its military operation in Ukraine.

Hungary prevents Europeans from celebrating Russia's punishment on Victory Day

Bloomberg reported that European Union countries failed again on Sunday to agree on the sixth sanctions package the bloc intends to impose on Russia since the start of its military operation in Ukraine.

The United States agency cited informed persons who asked not to be named as confirming that Sunday's closed-door consultations between the delegates of the 27 Union countries concluded without any agreement and are expected to continue in the coming days.

IAEA sources indicated that the Union States had failed to persuade Hungary to agree to a proposal banning the import of oil from Russia.

The proposal prohibited the import of crude oil from Russia within the next six months and refined fuel by early January, and the Union had offered Hungary and Slovakia exemptions from the oil embargo until late 2024 and Czech Republic until June 2024, due to these countries' heavy dependence on Russian energy exports.

However, according to Bloomberg, Hungary continues to oppose this proposal, preventing the Union from agreeing on the sixth sanctions package against Russia in general.

IAEA sources pointed out that the Hungarian opposition was also attending proposals on how to finance the transition to the European Union's abandonment of Russian energy.

The Agency revealed that Greece and Cyprus, in turn, were impeding agreement on maritime sanctions, which prohibited companies and individuals in the European Union from providing vessels and services such as credit for the transfer of sanctions' goods to third States.

Bloomberg confirmed that the European Union was seeking to complete agreement on new sanctions by May 9, when Russia celebrates Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War.

The leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) are supposed to discuss today with visual contact the developments in Ukraine, and the Agency has indicated that the stalling of consultations within the European Union may limit the actions to be announced at this virtual meeting.

According to Bloomberg, the sixth draft European sanctions package also includes:

  • Three Russian banks, including the country's largest bank, Sberbank, cut off from SWIFT,
  • Preventing companies and individuals in Russia from acquiring property in the European Union;
  • Prohibiting the provision of advisory services to Russian companies and the trade with them in a number of chemicals;
  • Restrictions were imposed on a number of persons, including the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill, former Olympic gymnastics champion Alina Kabaeva and dozens of military personnel, as well as on a number of companies providing support and services to Russian troops.