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Zakharova about Zelensky: "The little beast makes fun of its makers."


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Russian Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Maria Zakharova expressed her "appreciation" for Zelenskiy's statements regarding what former veteran US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger had recently said about the conflict in Ukraine.

Zakharova commented on Zelensky's vitriolic statements critical of Henry Kissinger: "Here's the little beast, and he's starting to mock his makers."

  • The former United States Secretary of State (1973-1977) and National Security Adviser to the United States of America (1969-1975)
  • Henry Kissinger, said during a speech at the Davos World Economic Forum on Tuesday, May 24
  • that the West should influence Ukraine to resume peace negotiations with Moscow
  • even if Kiev had to make a number of concessions to Moscow.

Commenting on this, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, criticizing the veteran American politician, said: "For example, Mr. Kissinger comes out of the deep past to tell us that it is necessary to give Russia a part of Ukraine, so that there is no break between Russia and Europe. Mr. Kissinger seems to have forgotten that he lives in 2022, not 1938. He forgot that the hall he was talking to was not in Munich but in Davos. "

Zelensky: "Is the West united? no "

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky on Wednesday criticized what he called the absence of "unity" among Western countries more than three months after the start of Russia's special operation in Ukraine.

In a videoconference intervention at the Davos Economic Forum in Switzerland, Zelensky said: "My question is this: Is there practically unity (in the West)? I don't touch it, "he added, adding that he" needs the support of a united Europe. "

During his country's breakfast, the Ukrainian President asked

"Is there unity about Sweden and Finland joining NATO? No. So is the West united? no ".

Zelensky continued:

  1. "Our strength was unity within the country
  2. and now that depends on the unity of the West to be strong and strongly support Ukraine" vis-à
  3. vis Russia, and then "we will have superiority over Russia when we are effectively united."

The Ukrainian President reiterated his "gratitude" to US President Joe Biden for a massive $40 billion in new financial assistance.

While stressing the need for his regime to "support a united Europe", he deplored Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban for what he described as his reluctance at this stage to impose a ban on Russian oil, adding in this context: "Something is not going well with Hungary."

Zelenskiy: We need all the weapons we demand, not just what we give

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy called for the imposition of "maximum sanctions" on Russia, demanding that Western countries give his country all the weapons it requests and not just what is provided by it.

  • During a virtual speech on the first day of the World Economic Forum in Davos
  • Switzerland, Zelenskiy considered that "sanctions must go further to stop the Russian operation
  • including an oil embargo, the closure of all banks and the complete cut
  • off of trade with Russia", stressing that "Ukraine needs funding of at least $5 billion a month".

He added: "We have losses worth over half a trillion dollars, tens of thousands of facilities have been destroyed... We need to rebuild entire cities and industries, "he said, noting that" if Ukraine had received 100% of its needs at once, in February, in terms of weapons, funding and political support, tens of thousands of lives could have been saved. "