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Zelensky reveals Kiev's "Plan B" if he dies

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The President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, said that Kiev had a "plan B" in the event of the death of any of the country's leaders, including the Head of State.

According to RPK, the country's authorities are ready to take action in the event of such an event development. "In accordance with our legislation, there are those who govern the State. We were ready and separated. the Prime Minister, the Speaker and I ".

  • Ukraine was a presidential parliamentary republic. "We understand that if there is this loss or that
  • we will be prepared for this process," he said, noting that Kyiv divided the Cabinet into two parts, two alternatives
  • so that "the State can be protected even from such outcomes."

In March, Zelensky's office alleged that he had suffered more than 10 assassination attempts. Mikhail Podoliak, the President's adviser, said that the President's office had reached the conclusions on the basis of the fact that they were constantly receiving reports of sabotage and reconnaissance groups attempting to penetrate the Kiev government district.

Deputy Russian State Duma: Zelensky may cede part of Ukraine to Poland

The Deputy State Duma for Crimea, Mikhail Schermet, stated that Ukraine's President, Vladimir Zelensky, recognizing the inevitable collapse of Ukraine, was now moving towards granting its Western partition to Poland.

  1. Zelenskiy had earlier announced the signing of an agreement with Poland
  2. facilitating border crossing, according to which there should be no border or barriers between the two countries
  3. because the Ukrainian and Polish peoples were not separated by any mental barriers.

In addition, the Member of Parliament of Ukraine, Olga Suvgeria, stated that Zelensky had announced the submission to Parliament of a bill on the special status of Polish citizens in Ukraine.

Chermet continues that Zelenskiy, fully aware of the inevitable collapse of Ukraine, because the south-eastern part was completely lost, and his control escaped, has become frantically moving towards the effective transfer of Western Ukrainian territory to Poland, which had long been planning to occupy these territories.

Today, speaking to Shermet, "The time has come to reveal this, under the cover of illusory attention to the Ukrainian people."

At the same time, Mikhail Schermet warned the Polish leadership against reckless acts of trying to prevent Russia from completing the disarmament and eradication of Nazism from Ukraine, and said that Poland, with its hatred of Russians, and its support for neo-Nazis in Ukraine, puts the whole European Union at risk. "