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Trump returns to the facade with a new dance! (Video)

Social media pioneers circulated video of former US President Donald Trump dancing again to music in front of supporters at a rally on Sunday in Nebraska.

The dance provoked ridicule on Twitter, which is not the first time Trump has publicly danced in front of cameras.

On another front, Trump defended Nebraska's Republican governor, Charles Herbster, and dismissed recent allegations of sexual misconduct against him as "malicious."

He said it was the main motivation for his decision to hold a meeting in Cornhusker before the Republican primary later this month.

Trump's defense of Herbster comes just days after a Nebraska investigator said that 7 women, including Republican state senator Julie Salame, accused the governor of harassing them on several political occasions or beauty contests, with another woman accusing him of forcibly kissing her.

Trump compares gasoline price with current price and calls Biden policy a failure

Former US President Donald Trump said that under his Democratic successor, Joe Biden, the country had lost its energy independence and had to "beg and ask for mercy" from Russia and OPEC.

Trump added at a rally of his supporters in Nebraska: "The Democrats have abandoned our dominance in energy, and they have begun to beg for mercy from OPEC, Russia, Venezuela and Iran."

Trump called the current US authorities' policy a "total failure."

  1. "Let's take a look at the facts... undeniable figures and results. I made a gallon of gasoline cost $1.87
  2. but under the Biden administration it cost five, six, seven dollars! and last weekend reached the limit of eight in some places ".
  3. He concluded: "Under my administration (the Trump administration)
  4. the country has gained independence in energy, which for some simply seemed impossible."

Trump accuses Russian leadership of "disrespect" for his country's leadership when talking about nuclear weapons

Former US President Donald Trump accused Russian leadership of "disrespecting" his country's leadership in its nuclear weapons talk, holding Joe Biden responsible for the Ukrainian crisis.

In a speech to supporters during a rally in Nebraska, the former US President said: "This happens when (Russian President Vladimir) Putin is constantly talking about nuclear weapons.

 Nobody ever talked about nuclear weapons, you shouldn't talk about them, that's a word that's forbidden because it's so destructive, "noting that the Russian President" talks about it all the time, because he doesn't respect our leadership. "

Trump noted that when he was president, he had a negative attitude towards the idea of modernizing US nuclear forces, but "had no choice" because other countries were taking similar actions.

Trump, whose speech was broadcast on local television, said that "in the meantime, we have a president who has no idea what is going on and shakes the air", hinting at the recent bizarre incident with his successor and political opponent Joe Biden, who, after one of his public speeches, reached out to shake hands with the vacuum.

Trump also criticized Joe Biden, accusing him of causing less than a year and a half's worth of damage to the country, for what the "five worst presidents" of the United States could have done together.

  • "You could take five of the worst presidents in American history, bring them together, and they wouldn't have done the damage Biden did to our country in just 16 months," he told the crowd.
  • Trump also touched on global issues, holding his Democratic successor responsible for events in Ukraine. 
  • The former President noted that the situation was fraught with consequences for the world as a whole, including the dangers of a new world war. 

Trump said: "Our country is descending into hell, but we will fix it. I just hope it's not too late. What happened in Ukraine is very dangerous -- it can be alarming to the entire world. It can turn into a world war. Our country is now run by people whose objective is to escalate the situation into a world war ".