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Learn about the secret to turning fast food into delicious and useful food


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Fast food seems not always harmful or unhelpful to the body, and this is what nutritionist and digestive specialist Margarita Arzumanian revealed, speaking of the best and most useful products for this purpose.

In an interview with Radio Sputnik, the expert explained that when choosing food for a snack, it is important to pay attention to its composition, noting that the ideal healthy option for a quick snack is to eat something containing nuts, wholegrain flour, vegetables, fruits, berries or legumes.

"The fastest and best snack is to eat good bread with wholegrain flour, curd and add nuts and berries," Arzumanian said. The right mix of ingredients would transform even the sandwich, commonly classified as unhealthy snacks, into a healthy meal.

She explained: "A sandwich can be a good snack if we eat home-cooked meat, chicken, thickness or bread with the addition of whole and precise grains with a high bran content and a residual amount of fiber." Arzumanian was advised to place a slice of cucumber, tomato or lettuce on top of the sandwich.

The nutritionist noted that many products previously considered harmful are now manufactured using other techniques. Therefore, according to her, modern sausages deserve to be part of a healthy diet.

Arzumanian added: "Good and high quality sausages appeared on sale, which, for example, contained turkey meat, beef, milk and spices, and did not contain anything extra. These sausages have a short shelf life, which is a good healthy snack ".

The expert warned that "if you have a product with preservatives, artificial sweeteners and flavor enhancers ahead of you, it is best to stop using it." It also advised trying to "exclude deep processing products from our diet, as well as industrial production materials, containing flavor boosters, glutamate, sodium nitrite, preservatives and artificial sweeteners," noting that "industrial bakes and instant pasta are unhealthy snack options."