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Incriminating emails reveal Trump's lawyer knew plan to stop certification of 2020 election was illegal


Former US President Donald Trump said the ruble was stronger than ever, noting that rising oil prices and moving to pay for energy in ruble currency allow Russia to earn "wealth."

Speaking to a rally of his supporters in Wyoming, Trump added: "The ruble is at an all-time high, because oil prices are now very high, higher than ever."

  • Trump also spoke about the situation in Ukraine and likely that Russia's special operation could be halted by oil, when the price is $30-40 per barrel.
  • "Russia makes a fortune selling oil at current prices, and they only accept the ruble now, just this currency," Trump said.
  • The Russian currency's value to the US and European currencies last week reached a record low, below the level of 58 roubles each, for the first time since June 2015.

Russian ruble climbs against euro to highest price in 7 years

The Russian currency continues to rise against the US and European currencies, with the euro trading on Wednesday below the level of 58 roubles, for the first time since June 2015.

The dollar also traded below the level of 56 roubles, for the first time in about 7 years.

  1. By 10:13 Moscow time, the dollar's exchange rate had fallen by 71 kubica
  2. (ruble = 100 kubec) to 56.09 roubles
  3. while the euro's exchange rate had fallen by 42 kubica to 58.13 roubles.

Prior to that in early trading, the euro traded at 57.10 roubles, and the dollar at 55.80 roubles.

The Central Bank of Russia will hold a board meeting on Thursday on the main interest rate, amid expectations that the rate will be cut from the current level of 14% to 12.5%.

The strongest reason for strengthening the ruble's work against the dollar is the imposition by Putin of the Russian President to compel European countries to pay the price of natural gas in ruble instead of dollar

Still, the ruble rebounded and the Russian ruble price against the dollar, and there are still many surprises to the ruble price.

How to buy currency in ruble

The Russian gas-importing country flourishes to Russia and asks a bank to replace the dollar with the Russian ruble to buy the ruble, after which the amount to be paid immediately

For Russia we say

  • The West believed that imposing sanctions on Russia was the perfect solution to deter Russia.
  • Russia is an economically and militarily powerful country
  • Russia does not weaken easily against sanctions
  • RCIA, The Great power
  • Russia has been able to respond to sanctions with sanctions.