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The UN warns of worsening "triple crisis" in Africa due to Ukrainian crisis

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that "the war in Ukraine is exacerbating a triple crisis: food, energy and financial crisis" across Africa. "

During his tour of some African countries, Antonio Guterres of Senegal said: "When discussing the social and economic situation, it is impossible not to mention the war in Ukraine and its impact on Africa."

"We must ensure the continuous flow of food and energy in open markets, and remove all unnecessary export restrictions," Guterres added, stressing that "countries must resist the temptation to store and release a strategic stockpile of energy instead."

The Secretary-General of the United Nations made the remarks after meeting with Senegalese President Maki Sall, who considered that the war in Ukraine was a "human tragedy" that could have a "significant impact on economies, particularly those of developing countries".

The United Nations urges rich countries to "act" in the face of the climate emergency

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged wealthy countries to "act" in the face of the climate emergency and fulfil their pledges of financial assistance they have pledged to provide to developing countries.

  1. In a statement from Dakar following his meeting with Senegalese President Maki Sall. Guterres said: "It is time to act. It is time to fulfil the promise of $100 billion in the year launched in Paris .
  2. referring to a promise not yet implemented in which developed countries pledged to provide.
  3.  the sum to developing countries as of 2020 year to help them finance environmental transformation and adapt to the repercussions of climate warming.

He added: "The climate emergency (...) increased security risks ", while West Africa experienced military coups d 'état that further destabilized the region.

"African countries, although not responsible (for climate change), are often their first victims," he said, stressing that "half of the financing for climate issues must be allocated to adaptation and resilience programmes to help the most vulnerable communities."

Pentagon: Washington tries to turn Ukraine crisis into Russia's strategic failure

Assistant United States Secretary of Defense for International Affairs Celeste Wallander announced that the United States was trying to ensure that the situation in Ukraine became a "strategic failure" for Russia.

  • "The mission of the United States Government with regard to Russia and European security.
  • and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.
  • is to ensure that this crisis ends with Russia's strategic failure.
  •  Wallandar said during a symposium at the Atlantic Council in Washington.

According to it, "failure" means Moscow's failures in military, political and economic terms. According to her, Western sanctions would "increasingly" hit the Russian economy in general, and the defence industry in particular.

The West would try to hold the "Russian leadership" accountable to its people and to the "global arena."