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Bird game: Mississippi correctional officer killed in kidnapping and death of beloved municipal rooster named Carl


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A Mississippi prison officer was charged with kidnapping and Dick Carl Jr. 's death.

According to WLOX, Ocean Springs police terminated the officer and issued a misdemeanor arrest warrant for cruelty to an animal other than a dog or cat.

According to the Sun-Herald, Carl the Rooster, a well-known figure in downtown Ocean Springs, Mississippi, was frequently noticed hanging around local institutions where owners left water for him.

The rooster was lost from a village on the Gulf Coast 90 miles east of New Orleans on Sunday and was later confirmed dead after residents shared videos on social media showing strangers walking Carl's body.

Connie Moran, former Ocean Springs mayor at Facebook on Thursday morning, said: "Very sad, Dick Carl Junior was killed downtown sometime between Sunday and now... However, his identity has not yet been disclosed. "

Moran's tweet contained two security films, one of which showed a woman attending a rooster from a building and going away as a group of men pursued her.

  • The videos were obtained by Ocean Springs Police, which charged one of the suspects with the crime.
  • According to Captain Ryan Le Maire
  • who heads the Ministry's criminal investigation branch
  • the rooster was a "mainstay in the neighbourhood".
  •  "It's a shame, you know.
  •  because he's a living being and they didn't kill him for food because they threw his body."

The prison officer was not arrested, but will appear in court for the first time on May 4.

Many people used the hashtag # justiceforcarljr to express their outrage over Carl the Rooster's death on social media.

  1. In a Facebook post, Tasia Kenosky, an Ocean Springs resident
  2. claimed that many people in the city had linked Carl's death.
  3. "I never thought I'd shed a tear for Dick, but Carl deserves our tears
  4. " she wrote. "He was happy, very stylish, and he lit up a lot of people's days."

Many people used the hashtag # justiceforcarljr to express their anger over Carl the Rooster's death on social media.

According to roostoceansprings.com, "several years ago, a small group of roosters appeared on the scene in downtown Ocean Springs, and the conservatives were all about their origin, but no matter where they came from, it was clear that the Ocean Springs community wanted to welcome Duke to stay, especially Carl."