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Trump said his 2020 census was the best ever. The numbers tell a very different story.


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Failed President Donald Trump could have had one tremendous feather in his hat. It was easy and fully fledged.

Strangely, Trump's usual criticism of how good he is and how bad Biden is, it's never been linked to politics. No, it was the 2020 census. A huge task in size, but fairly straightforward compared to most of Washington's.

However, the Trump administration appears to have also spoiled this. Another on the long list of political failures of the worst administration in the country's history.

According to a report released by the U.S. Census Bureau yesterday, the 2020 census reduced the population in 6 states and more than the population in 8. These are not things that happen during censuses. These are grave errors that have major repercussions for the entire country.

How the census works

The national census occurs once every 10 years. So the last 3 years took place in 2000, 2010 and 2020. The next census will be in 2030.

While counting the population, the census function finds the total population of the United States within a certain margin of error. Usually this error is +/-2-3%. But the census does more because it also helps determine how many representatives of the House of Representatives each state gets. It also decides on the number of electoral votes received by the state as well as votes for each state, federal funding and Medicaid programs, and assists in the mapping of the state's counties and legislative maps. Really, statistics are very important.

How bad is the 2020 census?

Countries with the worst minimum counting rates were:

  • Arkansas: 5.04%
  • Florida: 3.48%
  • Illinois: 1.97%
  • Mississippi: 4.11%
  • Tennessee: 4.78%
  • Texas: 1.92%

The worst surpassing states were Hawaii, Delaware, Rhode Island, Minnesota, New York, Utah, Massachusetts and Ohio. You can read the full report here. Be careful, it's a long document, but it's worth reading to see exactly how the US population shaped and where the Trump administration failed us.

You can now spot a small amount of error for the COVID-19 pandemic, but its impact has not been as much as one might think. The real impediment was the Trump administration.

  1. Bear Rolling Stone
  2. a civil servant
  3. issued a memo on the census in 2020 showing how the Trump administration has blocked the way.

They said:

  • That memorandum details the intervention on issues such as the privacy of census respondents and the pressure to quickly end the population counting process
  • In addition, the Trump administration sought (unsuccessfully) to count unauthorized immigrants separately from the population
  • and tried to add a citizenship question to the census until it was blocked by a federal judge.

What makes matters worse is that Trump himself tried to stop the census entirely so that he could manipulate the country to his satisfaction.

  1. More shortcomings in the Trump administration
  2. The 2020 census failed only to scratch
  3. the surface on how badly the Trump administration has destroyed the country.

In October 2021, a congressional report found that a $6 billion federal program created to provide fresh products to families affected by the pandemic was poorly managed and used for political gain by the Trump administration.

According to an earlier investigation and this report, Farmers to Families Food Box has awarded contracts to companies with no relevant experience and often lack the necessary licenses.

The House Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis found that former President Donald Trump's administration did not adequately examine the contractor's requests or identify red flags in bidding.

Another and more honest program is Operation Santa, where individuals are given the opportunity to adopt a child's message to Santa and help spread holiday cheer and help realize the child's desire for leave.

For the first time since the launch of the program, children's messages have been digitized and uploaded to the Santa Operation website. You can read Santa Children's letters here.

The letters gave a frightening look at how violent poverty became under Trump's watch.

  • If you scroll through letters written in large letters that are unique to young children only
  • be prepared for the pain of your heart and tears to fall into the desperate needs that children across the country are dealing with.

One child wrote

  1. "Dear Santa, I want one thing.
  2. I was a good girl and I want to ask you if you'd rather bring me an electric wheelchair. The wheelchair is too old to work.
  3. I'm so sad. Please Santa, get me an electric wheelchair. I don't want anything else ".

Another kid said, "Dear Santa... My wish is money for my people. $100 will help us a lot. They are having a hard time with the bills ".

Returning to the policy theme, the Trump administration acknowledged in December 2020 that hackers working on behalf of a foreign government had broken into several key government networks. These include Treasury and Commerce.

The Trump administration believed that hacking was done by Russia and that hackers had access to the hacked sections' email systems.

Officials began a manhunt to try to identify other parts of the government that were affected by what the government called at the time "one of the most sophisticated, and perhaps even larger, attacks on federal systems in at least five years."

And what did the Trump administration do about it? Basically nothing.

They have very little publicly about hacks. The government was concerned about Russia's interference in the 2020 election, but instead it appears to have penetrated administrations unrelated to the election.

John Ullyot, spokesman for the National Security Council, said: "The United States Government is aware of these reports and we are taking all necessary steps to identify and address any potential issues related to this situation." That was the end of it.

Not only were Trump's policies and administrative efforts to undermine American progress lagging behind, they were completely wrong. At best, the country took decades back, and at worst it was illegal.

Indeed, the Trump administration has been one of the worst ever, and there is ample evidence to support this claim. All you have to do is look for him.