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$19 million for lunch with billionaire American Warren Buffett


An anonymous bidder offered a record $19 million for a private lunch with 91-year-old US billionaire Warren Buffett at a New York City restaurant.

Lunch with the chief executive of Berkshire Hathaway was auctioned to eBay for the San Francisco-based charity Glade, which helps the homeless and poor.

  1. "The winner of the auction can bring about 7 guests to lunch."
  2. Buffett has raised $53 million for Glade since the start of auctions in 2000
  3. where the charity received the support of the billionaire donor when his first wife, Susie
  4. introduced him after she started volunteering there, who died in 2004.

This year's event is set to become the first special lunch with the billionaire since the previous record $4.5 million bid by cryptocurrency pioneer Justin Sun in 2019.

"This auction will be the last," Buffett said.

$1 million in two minutes for lunch with billionaire Warren Buffett

Bids for lunch with billionaire businessman Warren Buffett were worth $1 million within two minutes of the auction.

The auction began with a private lunch with billionaire Warren Buffett last Sunday, where he hopes to raise millions of dollars to support the San Francisco charity Glade, which helps the homeless and poor.

  • The highest auction figure reached $1 million at 1 p.m. EDT, 5 p.m. GMT, on Monday, two minutes after the auction was launched on Sunday night.
  • Buffett, who owns Berkshire Hathaway, has raised $23.6 million over 17 years in auctions for Glade.
  • This includes $3.456 million and $789 from last year's winner, who chose to remain anonymous. This is the same as the 2012 record amount.

Glade uses its annual budget of $ 18 million to provide more than 750 thousand free meals and temporary shelter to up to 8500 people and to conduct 2600 testing on the H virus. 

I.I. In "AIDS and C", the Foundation provides daily care and after-school programmes to approximately 450 children.

Glade is located in the San Francisco suburb of Tenderloin and was co-founded and headed by 87-year-old Cecil Williams, honorary pastor of the United Glade Methodist Church and his wife Janice Merikitani.

Buffett, whose net worth was estimated at $74.9 billion by Forbes, will have lunch with the auction winner and seven of his guests.