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"Disney" breaks into a forbidden area by making a lesbian character in the film onward

 Tampering with the constants of societies only comes by passing some negative messages to small minds and trying to instil anomalies in generations supposed to lead nations in the future

And there's no easier art as a way to reach that malicious end. through which some seek to impose anomalies that over time become a reality, Disney's persistent attempts to pass on lesbian characters in its films may always put it in charge. In particular, from time to time it is difficult to involve lesbian characters in cartoon or animation films aimed primarily at children.

To know Disney's preconceived international attitude to the above films that attempt to broadcast their poison at intervals.

  • In the face of its insistence on breaking into restricted areas
  • some films include lesbian characters directly or through suggestion Disney "
  • many States take a firm stance towards Disney by deleting
  • the scenes of those characters

Or prevent the full screening of movies, and within days the American company will face a new storm of criticism that has begun to form over the past few hours. Disney announces the presence of a lesbian character in the animation film Onward set to be released in world theaters on this 6 to confirm that several States, notably Russia, will delete the character's scenes before the film begins to run, in the Middle East and the Arab region in particular.

Joint cooperation

  • Animation Onward is a joint collaboration between Disney and Pixar In accordance with the report published on eonline
  • lesbian actress Lena Whitehy performs the role of gay officer Spector
  • and the film takes place in a magical world of fictional citizens
  • who have lost their relationship with the magical arts
  • Two adolescent dwarf brothers embark on an extraordinary search to discover if there is still little magic in their world.

While this is the first lesbian figure in Pixar's world But it's not the first time Disney has featured lesbian characters in its art product

Last year I launched Andi Mack, a series featuring two gay teenagers, The season concluded with the scene of the confession of "Cyrus Goodman," played by Joshua Rush, With his love and attraction to his teammate, TJ Kippen, played by Luke Mullen.

On the same path as Disney, global media reports revealed that Sony plans to portray Spider as a bisexual person in its upcoming film, where the actor Andrew Garfield will return as Spiderman in a world parallel to Tom Holland, to be gay.

The history of Disney.

Back in Disney's history, the company has several precedents in trying to promote the idea of homosexuality

  • For example, two years ago Disney launched its popular film Beauty And The Beast. Lavo
  • who was impressed and attracted by his best friend, Jeston
  • was an outspoken lesbian character. The film contained Disney's first anomaly scene
  • causing many audiences to be angry.

and some critics have stressed that these scenes are not suitable for viewers, especially children

which has led some countries to block the film's screening in cinema.

Although that character was the first to appear explicitly in the world of Disney, it was not the first in their films, there were some characters that appeared but not explicitly.

In Zootopia, the film contains the characters "Baki and Brom Correx" who live in one apartment next to the rabbit "Judy", who fight together all the time in the manner of married couples, and have the same last name, all of which made viewers think they were homosexuals, and the film director confirmed this after releasing the film via his Twitter account.

The film "The Humpback of Notre Dame" 

features the character of the Hugo-speaking statue, whose actions are interpreted as a sexual perversion. In the film, he permanently expresses his love for the male goat character "Dichali", who was the pet animal "Izmeralda", and the second part of the film reveals that the goat also exchanges love.

Frozen contains the character "O'Kane", whom Anna meets during her search for her sister Elsa, and "O'Kane" behaves in a way that looks a lot like a paedophile, and his homosexuality becomes apparent when he waves to his family in the sauna, which was made up of another man and some children.

Hades' personality

While "Hercules" features the character of the underworld god Hades

  1. whose story in Greek mythology states that he owns a wife
  2. Disney ignored it and filmed it in a transgender manner
  3. and this caused most people to believe that Disney wanted to make it clear that Hades was gay.

In the second part of Frozen, some people believe that Princess Elsa's character is a gay character. not enough evidence, as this belief comes solely from the fact that she does not want to marry and is not open to men. Strangely, fans of the film, especially Americans, demanded that Disney make Elsa explicitly gay in the next part of the film, And to be given an intimate friend, there's even a petition signed by thousands of people online in order to support the idea.