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Elon Musk missiles in US military service


Russian Space Commission Director General Ross Cosmos Dmitry Rogozin stated that the Pentagon was considering using SpaceX missiles to transport "quick reaction forces" in emergency situations.

The Intercept quoted documents from the Pentagon, noting that the aim was to use this type of missile to transport the rapid reaction forces to a sudden site of escalation, such as the attack on an American embassy, as in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012.

  1. Another way to use Elon Musk's missiles for military purposes was to transport military cargo through space
  2. such as air base rapid deployment systems
  3. transportation equipment, ground equipment

bunkers and other offensive operation requirements that could be dropped anywhere on the planet, but not to disembark American troops.

Furthermore, the same newspaper indicates that SpaceX's satellites, in practice, are actively used in regulating military communications, particularly in Ukraine.

Rogozin: Western astronautical agencies headed for war

  • Dmitry Rogozhin, director of the Russian space agency "Ross Cosmos", confirmed that Western astronautical agencies were headed for war.
  • In a statement to Russia 24, Rogozin said: "In principle, we see where the world of astronautics is headed by Western agencies, it's headed for war."
  • He warned that "the madness of high-tech electricity-based devices can bring Western civilization to its knees."

"In the next 15 years, leading space forces will launch cyberwarfare equipment into space capable of disrupting entire mega-cities on Earth with one click."

"For the same reason, he is sure that cars with regular engines should not be completely abandoned in favour of electric vehicles."

Earlier, Rogozhin said U.S. private space agencies were contracting with the Pentagon or CIA agents.