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Expert warns of a blunder by sleeping on hot nights!

As temperatures rise in the summer, it becomes more difficult to sleep at night. There are many tips and tricks to overcome this seasonal challenge.

In addition to the tips to try, there are also some mistakes to avoid.

Experts warn people not to make the mistake of putting pyjamas in the fridge or freezer. Sleep expert James Wilson says this will not help calm anyone down.

Instead, this will lead to the warming of their bodies.

Wilson spoke on the subject, saying

 "When the hot weather comes, there are some tips given that might look like they're going to work when they're not actually working. For example, place pyjamas in the fridge or freezer or wear wet socks ".

  • These two methods "will add more moisture to your sleep environment and heat up moisture during the night," Wilson said.
  • As a result, Wilson says, "This moisture will heat up and you're more likely to wake up when you get out of your sleep cycle."
  • However, while Wilson says one way can be a problem for those trying to sleep this summer, he has an alternative.

This alternative, he said, is to "shower with lukewarm water.

  1.  This helps raise body temperature slightly,
  2. which then leads to a lower core temperature.
  3. The reduction in basic temperature is an important part of your body sleep process and this approach essentially tricks your body into thinking it's cooler than it is. "

He explained that the reason for recommending lukewarm water was that feeling ice cold from ice water "would shock your body, make it feel more active and increase the likelihood of prolonging the sleep process."

In addition to avoiding putting pyjamas in the fridge or freezer

other tips on how to sleep this summer come from sleep expert Alison Jones.

These include keeping the feet and head cool. Speaking to Express, she said: "By keeping these key areas cooler, and away from the heat of the coverings, it will help lower the temperature."

Other tips included :

• Switch to lighter sheets.

• Purchase a new mattress.

• Not sleeping naked.

• Sleep on the side of the body.