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Five "important" reasons why you drink lemon juice

 Lemon juice has been associated with a long list of health benefits, from improving skin appearance to enhancing digestion in the body.

While this natural sour liquid is not the most palatable flavor, diluting it in a glass of water or even just modifying it on fresh salads can have a significant effect over time.

Here are five of the most important ways in which drinking more lemon juice can positively affect the body:

It can disinfect the intestine

The practice of adding fresh lemonade to water and warm drinks has occurred for centuries, and is one of the safest ways for natural health that you can try at home.

Using the core of this yellow acidic fruit to improve digestion is one way of cleansing the body without processing supplements. According to Dr. Amy Lee, Head of Nutrition at Nucify: "Good gut health is a reflection of a good gut microbiome."

The high concentration of vitamin C in fruit pulp is a key factor when it comes to digestion, as antioxidants protect cells from free radicals that reduce inflammation.

It can reduce the risk of kidney stones

Kidney stones can be easily prevented in most cases. In fact, fresh lemon juice can help prevent internal accumulation of calcium, which may otherwise lead to the formation of kidney stones.

This works by raising the levels of jackets (lemon acid) in urine, which are associated with calcium deposits and stop forming kidney stones in the first place.

According to the National Kidney Foundation, lemon juice made from real lemon juice is one of the best drinks to prevent this annoying condition, although water should always be used to keep you hydrated.

It can encourage hydration

Maintaining body moisture is not always easy if you are not a fan of drinking regular water, but sugary alternatives, such as juice, can cause a problem for several reasons.

Dr Lee said: "Most of all, lemon juice is a delicious way to increase daily hydration. If sugar or unhealthy juices and sweetened beverages are replaced by a glass of lemon-soaked water, they may see a more significant potential impact on public health. "

While the sour taste may not satisfy you at first, making it part of your daily routine will make you quickly get used to the refreshing flavor.

The British National Health Service recommends drinking 6-8 glasses of fluids daily, especially during hot weather and exercise.

Lemon juice can improve the appearance of your skin

Some evidence linked vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, to improvements in skin condition.

Flavonoids, protective compounds found in citrus fruits, are also useful for our skin because they help the body produce collagen. This natural substance is responsible for protecting skin elasticity and integrity, stimulating anti-aging processes and preventing premature skin aging.

Moreover, this antioxidant-rich juice can help to expel toxins from the body by enhancing enzyme function and stimulating the liver, which plays a vital role in the appearance of your skin.

It can help in weight loss

When the body is well hydrated, it can affect the level of satiety and feeling full.

Sometimes, when the body is dehydrated, the sensation that we perceive to be hungry may actually be a desire to take basic fluids. For those working on a snack for a sip of water, they will end up eating more calories and therefore find it difficult to lose weight.

Dr Lee added: "70% of our bodies consist of water, as well as energy metabolizing muscles. Getting enough water can help improve the way the body burns calories. "