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"Wow me with his unique personality." Who is the basketball legend Mohamed Salah met?


"Wow me with his unique personality." 

Who is the basketball legend Mohamed Salah met?

American :

  • basketball legend Steve Kerr, the current coach of
  • Golden State Warriors, paid tribute to Egyptian star Mohamed Salah
  • a wing of Liverpool's English football team.

Kerr met with Liverpool players during a visit to the club, and Salah posted

a photo of himself with the Golden State Warriors coach, via his Twitter account

with the words: "With the basketball legend."

For his part :

Kerr spoke in statements published by the US channel ESPN :

  • about Mohamed Salah's role in encouraging "the Reds" thanks to the good
  • work done by the Egyptian star in his town of Najrig, in
  • the Egyptian governorate of Western Egypt.

"I started following the Premier League 5 or 6 years ago

and I watched Mohamed Salah play and read about it," Kerr says.

He added: 

"He impressed me with his unique personality and what he does in his town

and the town helped him build a school, I know how they adore him in Egypt

so I said this is my man."

Kerr continued:

"I wanted to encourage Salah and when I knew he was playing for Liverpool

I said that was my team, and since then I have been encouraging Liverpool."

  • Salah has scored 159 goals in 259 appearances
  • for Liverpool since moving from Rome in the summer of 2017
  • in addition to being crowned with seven tournaments.

In 2014 :

Steve Kerr coached the Golden State Warriors

the 2022 champion of the American Professional Basketball League (NBA)

in addition to winning the title three more times as coach (2015, 2017 and 2018).

Kerr was named MLS Coach of the Year in 2016

and Head Coach of the League Stars Team in 2015

and 2017, while he was named Top 15 Coach in 2021.

As a basketball player such as Kerr, the United States of America was crowned

World Cup in 1986 and as an assistant coach won

the team the 2020 Tokyo Olympics gold.

Steve Kerr won 9 NBA times (5 times as a player for the Chicago Bulls in 1996

1997 and 1998, and twice as San Antonio Spurs in 1999 and 2003).