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Florida man shouts insults at Biden as CVS clerk punches him in the face


Florida man shouts insults at Biden as CVS clerk punches him in the face

A Florida man is accused of potentially breaking the nose of a CVS employee while abusing Vice President Joe Biden.

According to CBS 4 

David Frick, 29, entered the store on Sunday and "started hitting the employee," according to Gainesville Police. During the attack, Frick allegedly yelled, "F-k, Joe Biden."

WCJB noted that "the victim had ice cream out of the fridge in her back when Frick grabbed the victim and hit her in the face several times."

 After the fall

the police say Frick went up on her and punched her more. A customer handled Frick to stop the attack, then punched the customer in the face and ran out of the store, according to the arrest report, "reports CBS 4.

Later, Frick was arrested by police.

  • Frick resisted asking him his name when the police detained him.
  • Frick then challenged the police and resisted entering the back of the patrol car.
  • Frick was previously convicted in July of battery beating a police officer
  • firefighter or emergency medicine technician.
  • His sentence included treatment for mental health illness.

He is currently charged with violence and obstruction of police.

He is imprisoned in Alachua County Jail on a $ 20 thousand bond.

The police found Frick shortly after at West University Ave and arrested him. They say that the employee had a bloody lip and may have broken his nose and that the customer was swollen in his face.

The CVS employee reportedly suffered a broken nose and a bloodied lip. The victim of the attack suffered facial edema.

Frick was charged with violence, felony.

He was previously convicted of beating a law enforcement officer, after pushing a nurse into prison," the report said.