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The candidate approved by Trump believes women should lose their right to vote and only raise children.


The candidate approved by Trump believes women should lose their right to vote and only raise children.

Former President Donald Trump previously endorsed a Republican congressional candidate from Michigan who claimed that the patriarchy was "the best model of continued success for civilization" and that the country would be in a better position without women being able to vote or run for office.

According to CNN's KFile

who discovered pages from the John Gibbs website using Internet archive services, he posted sexual arguments online in the early 2000s as a Stanford student.

Representative Peter Meagher of Michigan

one of the 10 Republicans who supported impeaching Trump due to the rioting in the Capitol

lost the Republican primary to Gibbs, who served in the Department of Housing and Urban Development within the Trump administration. Hillary Schulten, Democrat, is his opponent in the November election.

The Women's Critique Society, created by Gibbs and hosted on his Stanford personal page in 2000 and 2001, was a "think tank" he called it. It was believed that women were less able than men to clearly understand "without relying on emotional thinking", that raising children was not the "primary task" of the father, but the mother, and that the country would be better off if women were not allowed to vote or hold public office.

Some claim that it is unjust or hypocritical for women to have equal rights in a democratic society.

who make up 50% of the population

  • They don't have the right to vote, Gibbs said.
  • Obviously, that's not true.
  • Because the founding fathers
  • Those who understood freedom and democracy better than anyone else, did not believe in it.

In addition, not all people under the age of 18 can vote, although they also make up a large portion of the population. We cannot therefore say that women should be able to vote simply because they are a large part of the population. "

He concluded by saying:

 Thus, we conclude that increasing the size and scope of the Government is unequivocally bad. Since women 

The Bible clearly explains the idea that women should not teach or retain positions of power,  he wrote in another section.

He wrote :

The Bible bases everything else on the condition of the man, thus even if the cause isn't stated clearly, it must be due to the nature of women (i.e., the differences in their mental traits).

 In other words, because women do not possess the characteristics necessary to govern, and since women's task is more important, to prepare the next generation, they have been ordered not to govern.

The question Why should women take care of children? It is clear, as he wrote

that feminine species by their nature are selected for the upbringing of children.

Be aware, however, that we do not advocate that men should not participate at all in the upbringing of their children,  he wrote.

 On the contrary :

we believe that parents should be an integral part of their children's upbringing. We simply believe that this is not the basic father's job, whereas it is the mother's job. 

Gibbs campaign representative Anne Marie Shipper told CNN that Gibbs made internet arguments to provoke the left on campus and drew attention to the hypocrisy of some modern feminists. "

Gibbs claims that immigration is now weaponized as a political tool by the left in order to refill their voter base, immigration is now weaponized as a political tool by the left in order to renew their voter base. "