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Account of suspects in the sabotage of the "northern torrent" and the available means


Account of suspects in the sabotage of the "northern torrent" and the available means

  • Mikhail Valiev, a former deputy minister of Russian emergencies
  • stated that NATO countries, including Sweden
  • Norway and the United States
  • had underwater robots capable of sabotaging the northern torrent.

Explaining this, Valiev said :

Robots that do not need huge transportation vehicles and that can be modified and customised using coordinates and radar detecting sources are capable of carrying out this type of sabotage.

 such robots are owned by all NATO countries, Sweden as well as Norway, and of course by the United States, which at the same time has its own fleet there ".

"Most important to be in the right place, prepare the robot to perform certain actions at a certain point, then pick up the robot and sail away. This means that this same procedure is not complicated. "

Chinese newspaper hints at "who pressed the button" in Northern Torrent incident

The Chinese state-run Global Times said that if Russia and European countries could cooperate in investigating the Northern Torrent incident, it would be an "olive branch" that would help stop the inconsistencies from worsening.

In detail, the Chinese newspaper wrote in its editorial that the gas leak from the Northern Torrent indicates that the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is not limited to the military sphere, but extends to energy, economy and food.

 If Russia and the European States can cooperate in investigating the incident, it will be an "olive branch", which will help to weaken confrontation and avoid exacerbating contradictions between the two sides.

In one day, three leaks were discovered on pipelines intended to supply Russian gas to Europe, accompanied by "powerful underwater explosions", which many consider "deliberate acts of sabotage".

"One obvious result is that Europe's hopes for Russian gas through the northern torrent have completely faded this winter. 

This incident makes the knot between Russia and the West, originally complex, more difficult. "

It was noted that it was not yet known who was behind it, but that "in any event, the attack on a large transboundary civilian infrastructure is extremely heinous, and this also created a dangerous precedent after the start of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, such as a trend that cannot be overlooked".

The Chinese newspaper reaches the conclusion that the truth is still unknown, but "one thing is certain:" Whichever party pressed the button to damage the northern torrent line has dealt a severe blow to Russian-European energy cooperation. "

The paper also notes that the North Torrent-2 gas pipeline's difficult fate in itself explains many points: 

The United States has always blocked this fantastic idea for collaboration between the European Union and Russia.

 From repeated verbal threats to numerous rounds of sanctions, the United States has shown its consistent position, it will not stop until it corrupts the "northern torrent-2."

The Pentagon offers Denmark assistance in investigating the Northern Torrent explosions.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin discussed with his Danish counterpart Morten Pedskov, helping Washington investigate explosions in the "Northern Torrent 1" and "Northern Torrent 2" gas lines.

"Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin contacted Danish Defense Minister Morten Pedskov today to discuss the recent"

  • Northern Torrent "explosions near the Danish island of Bornholm
  •  a Pentagon statement said
  • adding "Minister Austin offered Denmark full help"
  • which began investigating the explosions."

It was further noted that the Ministers agreed to continue the joint work "as the situation evolved".

Incidents occurred simultaneously on Monday, September 26, on two pipelines exporting Russian gas to Europe, where one gas leak was detected in the "Northern Torrent-1" and another in the "Northern Torrent-2" near Bornholm Island.

Denmark, Germany and Sweden stated that they did not exclude intentional sabotage.

US Foreign Affairs: Blinken will look at the Northern Torrent accident with European counterparts

The U.S. State Department announced that Secretary of State Anthony Blinken would examine the gas leak incident from the "northern torrent" pipes with a number of European counterparts.

  • US state spokesman Ned Price said during a press conference on Wednesday that
  • the Secretary of State had discussions with his Danish counterpart yesterday.
  • The President's national security adviser Jake Salevan also spoke with his Danish counterpart. "

I anticipate the Foreign Minister holding discussions throughout the following day, and maybe today.

with other European partners on what appears to be sabotage against the" Northern Torrent "pipeline.

A gas leak from Russian gas pipes "Northern Torrent" and "Northern Torrent 2" was observed in the Baltic Sea on Tuesday, September 27.

States in the region, in particular Denmark and Sweden, are likely to be subversive in the pipes, where explosions were observed before the gas leak.