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Pentagon again hides facts about unidentified airplane objects


Pentagon again hides facts about unidentified airplane objects

The US military again began to hide facts about UFOs.

The U.S. Navy refused to declassify the available videos, and their number appears to be significant.

The U.S. Army, specifically, confirmed that Navy representatives had publicly unknown videos of UAVs or UAPs. The Pentagon would now prefer to name mysterious objects that rush into the Earth's atmosphere, specifically at the bottom and upper layers as well.

But they don't want to declassify and release the existing footage, because these videos will "harm national security," according to the Pentagon.

Thus, the United States Navy justified the rejection of the request sent by the Black Vault website, known for its efforts to declassify material collected by the authorities and private services in relation to the UAP itself.

Last year, his efforts to declassify several thousand files from CIA archives were announced. 

American Intelligence then swore that it was declassified for everything it had.

NASA has now also recognized the existence of unidentified weather events. Recently, the United States Congress took care of it through public hearings where they questioned Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence, Scott Bray, and Deputy Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security, Ronald Multrey. Shortly before that, the Pentagon and the United States Navy established a special unit, the UAPTF, to organize and analyse their accounts. It is unlikely that something has already been settled.

According to the certificates of pilots, technicians, ground radar operators and sailors aboard the aircraft carriers, the diameter of the UFOs reached 15-20 metres

 flew at speed and climbed up to 10 kilometres without any engines or jet streams, changing their routes from 100 to 1000 g. It is absolutely impossible for human pilots if people like us are sitting inside those unknown aircraft.

Sometimes the unknown objects disappeared underwater, then emerged from underwater quickly without any aerial disturbances and shocks, usually accompanying aircraft passing the sound barrier.

In short, I acted questionably for ground vehicles.

The Army informed members of Congress that "no evidence has been discovered that the unknown objects are of extraterrestrial origin." However, American lawmakers have acknowledged that these objects pose a potential threat to national security.