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Trump lawyers: Investigating confiscated documents could lead to indictment of former president


Trump lawyers: Investigating confiscated documents could lead to indictment of former president

Lawyers for former US President Donald Trump have said they oppose the immediate release of confidential documents seized from the Mar-a-Lago resort as part of a review ordered by a federal judge this month.

Trump's lawyers have expressed concern that Trump could be left legally disadvantaged if he answers at this stage of the judicial process, and that this could lead to Trump being indicted.

The defence and the prosecution, both sides of the case

 referred to a "draft plan" submitted to them by Judge Raymond J. Derry, what is known as the newly appointed "Special Master" for the consideration of documents.

Derry is a judge in the United States District Court who was selected to serve as an independent third party to review documents seized by the FBI during the search of the former President's residence and resort.

To support their claim that the plaintiff was urged to "disclose specific facts on the declassification to the court and the government," Trump's attorneys cited a draught non-public audit plan that Derry given to the parties before to the scheduled preliminary meeting on Tuesday.

Derry, who is also the former chief federal judge in New York

is due to have a first meeting with Trump's legal team and prosecutors from the Justice Department on Tuesday in the afternoon.

The hearing, to be held in the Derry courtroom of the Brooklyn Federal Court, will focus on how to proceed with the case.

In their letter to Derry, Trump's lawyers also suggested postponing some of the provisional deadlines set in the draft plan.

Specifically, the Legal Group objected to what they said was Derry's request to "disclose specific information regarding the declassification of documents to the Court and to the Government".

Trump's lawyers wrote that they did not want Derry to force Trump to "fully and specifically disclose the merits of any subsequent indictment

without this requirement being clear in the order of the Magistrate Court ".

Documents seized at Trump's home in the Mar-a-Lago resort include material on the nuclear capabilities of a foreign country.

The Ministry of Justice is investigating possible misconduct of classified documents and possible concealment or destruction of government records.

Trump will return to his home, which "violated his inviolability."

  1. Former US President Donald Trump announced
  2. He's coming home to the Mar-a-Lago resort.
  3. Raided by the FBI

A day before a special investigator began reviewing confiscated documents.

In a post via his Truth Social account

Former President Trump ridiculed the raid by FBI elements last August, calling it "unjustified, unfair and illegal," noting that when he returns home he will be briefed on the damage caused by what he called the  FBI break-in.

Trump wrote :

I'm on my way to Mar-a-Lago, the location of the illegitimate, unfair, and unlawful raid on my Florida home. I'll be able to witness firsthand the effects of needless property theft from rooms and other areas of the house .

  • He added: It is already proven that a lot has been wrongly obtained.. That's unfortunate.
  • The Fourth Amendment (of the United States Constitution, which protects individuals from unjustified searches and seizures by the Government) has been violated.
  • Much more, it is a serious breach of privacy.
  • I'll notify the American people of the truth.

Trump was present in New York City on the day of the raid on August 8.

Since then he has given speeches throughout the country and made numerous golf tours.

His return home comes as Justice Department special investigator Judge Raymond Deere is reviewing nearly 11,000 documents seized from Trump's home, removing all items subject to "legal privilege" requirements.

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