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Trump claims FBI was searching for Hillary Clinton emails during Mar-a-Lago raid


Trump claims FBI was searching

for Hillary Clinton emails during Mar-a-Lago raid

Donald Trump confirmed Thursday that he believes the FBI and Justice Department searched his Mar-a-Lago home to find emails belonging to Hillary Clinton.

Trump stated,

"I think they were looking for Hillary Clinton's emails," when discussing the recent raid on his Florida home during an interview with Wendy Bell on the radio.

  1. "I think they thought, and who knows, boxes full of things
  2. I think they thought.
  3. That there is something about the Russia-Russia-Russia hoax.

 They were afraid of having things there

part of their fraud material because that's what they are, they're fraudsters, "Trump added afterward.

The former president's one-term remarks came just after the Justice Department revealed a photo of some paperwork found by FBI agents

at Trump's Mar-a-Lago home.

  • FBI agents raided Mar Alago's home on 8 August. 
  • A revised version of the affidavit supporting the raid showed that 
  • the former President had several confidential materials in his possession.

"There is probable reason to believe that

additional documents containing NDI [national defence information] classified or which are presidential records subject to record-keeping requirements currently remain at Headquarters", as stated in the revised affidavit.

Trump and other Republican leaders continued to criticize the FBI and Justice Department in the days after the raid, with many claiming the investigation was politically motivated.

"The statement is heavily redacted!!! 

  • He didn't mention anything about "nuclear power,"
  • a complete public relations ploy by the FBI and DOJ
  • or the close working relationship between us regarding document leaks 
  • we gave them a lot, "Trump wrote on his application of Truth Social social media.

Trump elaborated on the raid

and papers in the photo unveiled by the Justice Department during a separate appearance with John Fredericks' radio

show on Thursday.

  • "It's not like this is a vicious plot.
  • They have pictures of young people standing outside.
  • Boxes are literally out.

"The sun goes out and they wait for a truck and then they have pictures to put on a truck," Trump said. "There was nothing secret about it. Nothing had to be a secret ".

Despite Trump's remarks about Clinton on Thursday

the former secretary of state was found not guilty in 2019 after a thorough investigation into how she handled classified information on a private email server.

"While the use of a private email

system per se does not necessarily increase the likelihood that confidential information will be transmitted on unclassified systems, those incidents, which then led to confidential information on them, carry an increased risk of hack or inadvertent disclosure," said a report completed by the State Department in 2019.

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