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Trump's quote reveals this real reason for running for president

Trump's quote reveals this real reason for running for president

Most politicians will respond with something along the lines of, "I wanted to do the best for as many people as possible," or something similar when you ask them why they decided to run for president.

Most politicians aren't like Donald Trump.

  • In an interview with Maggie Haberman of The New York Times for her forthcoming book
  • Man of Trust: Making Donald Trump and Breaking America
  • Trump discussed the "reason" for his past and (presumed) presidential nominations.

Trump told Haberman: 'If you had to do it again, would you have done it?

  1. The answer is, yes
  2. I think so. Because that's the way I look.
  3. I have a lot of wealthy friends and nobody knows who they are. 

Trump basically admits that he would run for president again if he could do so again because he increased his notoriety. 

His desire to become known was his primary driving force for running for president, and it was a success.

Even for Trump, this is an astonishingly honest confession. He did not even try to go for a more traditional response, such as, for example, helping people or seeing legislation he supported applied. Right on a purely personal level.

Which, given what we already know about Trump, probably shouldn't be a big surprise. 

He is a very cocky person who has spent most of his presidency treating the country as his own. There were my generals and my army. Expected the Ministry of Justice to act on his instructions and pursue his political opponents.

For Trump, becoming president was a means to an end: increasing his notoriety, marketability and relevance.

So Trump saw everything that happened to him in his life: as an opportunity for growth and prosperity.

 Always get more. One of his most telling remarks came when he told Playboy magazine in 1990, "The show is Trump, and his shows have sold out everywhere."

There was a heated debate at the beginning of the Trump administration about whether to waive the office's rules or try to subject them to its rules.

 With the benefit of hindsight, it is clear that Trump chose the latter, forcing his thirst for celebrities and power over the presidency for four years.

It is a fool's job to imagine that anything will change if he is re-elected in 2024 and spends four more years in office.